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Nervous system

Questions about nervous system and special senses for VN3

Stimulus A change in or outside of the body which produces a response
Receptors Specialised cells that detect stimuli
Effectors Muscles and glands produce a response
Neurons Main cell of the nervous system, conducts nerve impulses
Dendrite or dendron Carries nerve impulses towards the cell body
Axon Carries nerve impulses away from the cell body
Schwann cell Specialised cells that envelop the axon fibre
Node of Ranvier Gap between myelin sheaths
What is at end of axon The synapse or synaptic terminal
Neuromuscular junction Junction between nerve and muscle
Nerve impulse Electrical message transmitted down axon
Central nervous system Brain and Spinal cord
Brain function Control and coordinate all activities of the body
Three parts of brain Fore/Mid/Hind brain
Parts of Forebrain Cerebrum / Thalamus / Hypothalamus
What does thalamus do Process info from sense organs and relay to cerebral cortex
Where is hypothalamus Below thalamus
Midbrain location and function Between fore and hindbrain - makes a connection
Hindbrain made up of... Cerebellum, pons, medulla oblongata
Function of pons Respiration control
Function of medulla oblongata Controls involuntary centres eg respiration/digestion
Name the meniges Dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater
What does CSF stand for Cerebrospinal fluid
What is the cauda equina? Caudal section of spinal cord
Sensory neurons Receive stimuli and transmit to CNS
Visceral neurons Receive and transmit nerve impulses - at visceral organs
Motor neurons Effect a change e.g. movement, muscle contraction
Somatic neurons Receive and transmit nerve impulses - skeletal system
Ganglion Cell bodies of neurons collect together in a nerve
Reflex arc An involuntary fixed response to certain stimuli
What nervous system do the ulnar, radial and sciatic nerves belong to? Peripheral nervous system PNS
2 branches of the autonomic nervous system Sympathetic and parasympathetic
Sympathetic nervous system actions Fight and flight
Parasympathetic nervous system actions Rest and Digest
How many cranial nerves are there 12
Name Cranial Nerve 10 (starts with V) Vagus nerve
Name cranial nerve 2 (starts with O) Optic nerve
Name cranial nerve 5 (starts with T) Trigeminal nerve
What is in a mixed nerve Motor and Sensory fibres
What is the white of the eye called Sclera
What nerve cells (photoreceptors) pick up coloured light Cones
Name the auditory ossicles Malleus, incus, stapes
Sensory hairs in the Organ of Corti sense what? Sound waves
What is olfaction Sense of smell
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