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CRMA Study Guide

CRMA Study guide for Certification

NOC Take at Night
C/O Complain of
PO Take by mouth
Anti-arrhythmic Treats abnormal heart beat
Which drug is an anti-arrhythmic Rhythmol, Tambocor,Betapace,Tikosyn,Cordarone, Multaq.
Anaegesic Pain Reliever
Bronchodilators Opens airways
Anti-biotic Resolves infection
Anti-Covulsant Prevents or controls Seizures
Anti-hyperlipidemic Lowers fats in blood
Steroids Reduces swelling
Anti-Coagulant Prevents blood clotting
Anti-hypertensive Controls High BP
NSAID Non-Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drug
Arteris Blood Vessels that take blood away from the heart
Veins Blood Vessels that bring blood back to heart
BP Blood pressure
NPO Nothing by mouth
HS Hours of Sleep
OTC Over the Counter
PR Per Rectal
ML Millilters
TID 3 times daily
PC After Meals
AC Before Meals
BID 2 times daily
G Gram
TSP is equal to this many CC 5CC
PRN As Needed
QD Every Day
QOD Every other Day
SP Suppository
GTT Drop
OU Both eyes
Q3H Every 3 Hours
QID 4 times a day
What are the 2 pressures that blood pressure measure? Systolic/Diastolic
Endocrine are the regulatory system for the entire body and consists of 8 glands.
Pituitary gland Master gland. It main function is to secrete hormones into your bloodstream.
What are the 8 Rights Right person, Right Med, Right dose, Right Route, Right time, Right to know, Right to refuse, Right to documentation
GM Gram
MG Milligram
MCG Microgram
GR Gain
GTT Drop
AD Right Ear
AS Left Ear
AU Both Ears
BID Twice a day
exlix elixir
ASA aspirin
PO by mouth
PR Per rectum
PRN as needed
Q6H every 6 hours
Q4H Every 4 hours
QD every day
QH every hour
QHS every bedtime or every hour of sleep
QID four times a day
QOD every other day
___ s Without
Subcutaneous SC
SL under the tongue
Stat immediately or at once
TID three times a day
tr tincture
tsp teaspoon
Gtt Drop
What are the 8 rights of Medication Administration? Right person, Right route, Right time, Right dose, Right to Know, Right to refuse, Right to document, Right drug
What are the Names of Medications Brand, Generic, Chemical, Official
What are the Measurement Systems? Household, Apothecary, Metric
Microgram Smallest
Kilogram largest
Scored Med This med can be split, there is a line thru the center of the pill.
one teaspoon equals how many cc? 5 cc
One tablespoon equals how many teaspoons? 3 teaspoons
How many cc are in a Tablespoon? 15 cc
One once (oz) is how many cc or tsp? 30 cc or 30 ml
1000 mg 1g
How many times do you check for a med pass? 3 times 1. pull 2. pour or preparing med 3. putting back or putting away med.
Proper procedure Prepare, Pass. Document
Who can take telephone orders? RN,LPN,Pharmacist
Schedule I Meds Are illegal Drugs like coke, GHB
Schedule II meds Narcotics or substances, or chemicals are defined as high potential for abuse, less abuse potential than schedule I
How are Schedule II med stored? Double locked
How are schedule II Med counted? Daily in use, weekly when not in use. Best to count it every shift.
How are schedule II med documented? on the MAR, Bound Book, and control count sheet
Common Sources of Medications plants, animals,minerals,micro-organisms, factories
Effects of Medication prevent, reduce, alter, produce and assist
Created by: DiopCRMA
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