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Michelle Babcock

Anatomy Weeks 1-5

The gluteal region is __________ to the popliteal region. Superior
Muscles are ________to the skin. Deep
The chest is __________to the abdomen. Superior
The abdomino-pelvic cavity is subdivided into _______cavities Abdominal and pelvic
The plane that divides the body into front and back portions is the __________plane. Coronal
The dorsal body cavity is subdivided into a cranial and vertebral cavity. True or False True
The smallest living units of structure and function in the body are: Cells
A frontal section divides the body into ______ portions Front and Back
Mitochondria, Golgi Apparatus and Endoplasmic Reticulum are examples of: Organelles
What is the anatomical direction term that means nearer the surface? Superficial
The gall bladder lies in the ________ cavity. Abdominal
The reproductive system includes all of the following accept. a. testes b. ovaries c. ureter d. penis Ureter
A plane through the body that divides the body into right and left sides is called. a. sagittal b. frontal c. coronal d. transverse Sagittal
The Plane that divides the body into upper and lower parts is the ________plane transverse
An organization of many similar cells that are specialized to perform a certain function is called a _________ Tissue
A plane through the body that divides the body into anterior and posterior portions is. Coronal
The number of abdominal regions is 9
If your reference point is farthest from the trunk of the body, where does the knee lie in relation to the ankle. a. distal b. proximal c. superficial d. superior Proximal
Two major cavities of the human body are: Ventral/ Dorsal inferior/ superior visceral/ parietal axial. appendicular Ventral/ Dorsal
A surgeon removing a gall bladder should know to find it in the _____ Region right lumbar right hypochondriac hypogastric umbilical Right Hypochondriac
The lungs are located in the Thoracic Cavity Mediastinum abdominal cavity cranial cavity Thoracic Cavity
From Smallest to largest the levels of organization of the body are: Chemical, Organelle, cellular, tissue, organ, system, organism
The structure that is called the "powerhouse" of the cell is the cytoplasm endoplasmic reticulum mitochondria golgi aparatus mitochondria
Molecules are: Atoms combined to form larger chemical aggregates
Popliteal Refers to the Area behind the knee
A sagittal sections divides the body into ________portions right and left
Several kinds of tissues working together are termed a(n)? plasma membrane Organ Organism Organ system Organ
Which of the Following does not describe anatomical position? Head Pointing Forward Body standing erect Arms extended from the shoulders, palms up All of the above Arms extended from the shoulders, palms up
The Medastinum contains all of the following except: trachea venae cavae right lung esophagus Right Lung
The abdominal quadrants are located with what structure as the midpoint. Umbilicus
Substances that accept hydrogen ions acids bases buffers salts Bases
A magnesium atom has an atomic number of 12 an atomic mass of 25 and a +2 charge. This atom would contain _____protons___neutrons_____electrons 12,25,2 12,13,10 12,13,14 None of the above 12,13,10
The formation of sucrose involves the removal of a molecule of water. This is called Hydrolosis Oxidation Decomposition Dehydration Synthesis Dehydration Sythesis
Carbon has an atomic number of 6. The number of electrons found in the first shell is... Two Four Six Eight six
Which of the following is not a function of the Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Provides a site for ribosome Attachment Supplies membrane for use throughout the cell Makes Steroid hormones Makes Glycoproteins Provides a site for ribosome attachment.
Which of the following is not true of the Rough ER? It makes lipids and carbohydrates Its made of broad flattened sacs It has many ribosomes attached to it All of the above It makes lipids and carbohydrates
The nucleolus is composed chiefly of ... mRNA rRNA tRNA DNA rRNA
DNA is a major constituent of which cell organelle Lysosome Ribosome Chromosome Nucleus Nucleus
Rafts are stiff groupings of membrane molecules. What is their function. Help Organize the various components of the plasma membrane Play an important role in pinching of a parent cell into two daughter cells. Sometimes allow the cell to form depressi All of the Above
The Cell Extention that contains microfilaments is called. microvilli flagella cillia All Cell extentions contain microfilaments Micro Villi
Skin Cells (Epithelial) are held tightly together by Gap Junctions Desmosomes Tight Junctions Adhesions Desmosomes
The _______Junctions "Glues" the epidermis and dermis together and provides mechanical support the epidermis Gap Dermoepidermal desmosome integument Dermoepidermal
The most abundant and widespread tissue in the body is Connective Epithelial Muscle Nerve Connective
Two major categories of body membranes are Epithelial and Connective Epithelial and Glandular Connective and glandular serous and cutaneous Epithelial and Connective
The joint between the pubic portions of each coxal bone is the Sacroiliac Pubic Synthesis Pelvic Outlet True Pelvis Pubic Synthesis
Created by: michelleybabcock



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