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Jill Reed

Set 1

The fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the entire muscle and is outside the epimysium and tendon is called the fascia
The muscle that helps hold the scapula against the thorax and is useful in pushing or punching movements is the serratus anterior
The point of attachment that does not move when the muscle contracts is the origin
The common tendon of the gastrocnemius and soleus is called the calcaneal tendon
A muscle with fascicles that insert into only one side of the tendon is categorized as unipennate
The term _____ is used to describe a muscle that directly performs a specific movement. agonist
The individual muscle fibers are covered by a connective tissue membrane called the endomysium
Muscles that move the wrist, hand, and fingers can be extrinsic or intrinsic
This organelle primarily modifies products from the rough ER, and it resembles a stack of hollow saucers, one cupped inside the next. Golgi apparatus
Which of the following cytoskeleton elements are the largest in diameter? microtubules
This organelle is characterized by folded membranes called cristae. mitochondria
This organelle is primarily a sac of powerful digestive enzymes called acid hydrolases. lysosome
Which of the following is a type of cell extension that lines the intestines and other areas of the body? microvilli
The epidermis is composed of several types of epithelial cells. One type, called keratinocytes, become filled with a tough, fibrous protein called keratin
Which of the following contains intercalated disks? cardiac muscle
Of the many different kinds of protein compounds in the body, which is the most abundant? collagen
The tip of the nose and the external ear are composed of elastic cartilage
The structure that lies deep to the dermis and forms a connection between the skin and the underlying structures of the body is the hypodermis
Fibrocartilage can be found in the symphysis pubis
Bone marrow is a specialized type of soft, diffuse connective tissue called myeloid tissue
What structures normally hold the foot bones firmly in their arched positions? ligaments and tendons
The most common type of cartilage is hyaline
The extracellular components of bone matrix are hard and calcified
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