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Med Term Final Exam

MA Med Term

ren/o, nephr/o kidney
esthesi/o feeling/sensation
hemat/o blood
path/o disease
-phren mind
esophag/o tube that connect the mouth with the stomach
colon/o large intestines
adren/o adrenal gland
-ac, -al, -ar, -ary pertaining to
brady slow
tachy fast
crin/o to secrete
stomat/o mouth
odont/o teeth
perine/o area between female genital organs and anus
cervic/o opening between the vagina and uterus
subjective data what patient states-health history, complaint of pain, etc
lapar/o abdomen
review of systems assessment of individual body systems
xer/o dry
-tropin stimulating hormone
adip/o, lip/o, steat/o fat
gluc/o sugar
erythrocyte red blood cell
leukocyte white blood cell
thrombocyte clotting cell
phleb/o vein
leukoderma white skin
gonad/o sex organs
hemorrhage loss of blood
femor/o femur
tax/o arrangement, order, coordination
pericardium tissue around the heart
hypertonia increased tone
myomalacia muscle softening
lacrim/o tear
myring/o ear drum
acous/o sound
ureter/o tube that carries urine from kidneys to bladder
cyst/o bladder
insulin hormone of the pancrease that controls metabolism of sugar
myocardium muscle of the heart
trache/o windpipe
nas/o nose
alveol/o hollow air scas of the lower respiratory tract
men/o month
fet/o offspring
part/o to give birth
Created by: jrmayo
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