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Test 2 Review

MA Medical Terminology

tars/o ankle
lumb/o lower back
femor/o femur
fasci/o fascia
tax/o coordination
crani/o head
ost bone
cervic/o neck
dynia pain
my/o muscle
asthenia weakness
brady slow
kinesia movement
hypertonia increased muscle tone
costalgia rib pain
myospasm muscle spasm
hperkinesia over movement
tibialgia tibia pain
osteosclerosis bone hardening
polydactyly many finger condition
carpitis wrist inflammation
conjunctiv/o clear membrane covers the sclera
cycl/o ciliary body
lacrim/o tear
salping/o eustacian tube
myring/o eardrum
acous/o sound
mastoid/o mastoid bone
presbyopia decreased vision related to old age
dacryohemorrhea blood in tears
hyperacusis sensitive hearing
hyperopia over vision condition
otorrhea ear discharge
otodynia ear pain
myopia near sightedness
exopthalmous eye protruding
salpingoscope instrument to look at Eustachian tubes
enter/o small intestines
esophag/o esophagus
duoden/o first part small intestines
jejun/o second part of small intestines
ile/o third part of small intestines
colon/o large intestines
stomat/o mouth
odont/o tooth
proct/o anus and rectum
sigmoid/o end of the large intestines
gingiv/o gums
gloss/o tongue
laparo abdomen
hepatic/o liver
aphagia no eat condition
hyperemesis excessive vomiting
Created by: jrmayo
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