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Medical Terminology

Aden Gland
Angi Vessel
Bacter Bacteria
Carcin Cancer
Cardi Heart
Cholecyst Gallbladder
Cost Ribs
Cyan Blue
Cyt Cell
Dermat Skin
Encephal Brain
Erythrocyt Red Cell
Gastr Stomach
Gynec Woman
Hem Blood
Hepat Liver
Hist Tissue
Kinesi Movement
Lapar Abdominal Wall
Leukocyt White Cell
Lymph Lymph vessels/fluid
Mamm Breast
Melan Black
Mast Breast
My Muscle
Nephr Kidney
Neur Nerve or neuron
Onc Tumor or mass
Opthalm Eye
Or Mouth
Oste Bone
Ovari Ovary
Pancreat Pancreas
Phleb Vein
Proct Rectum
Pulmon Lung
Py Pus
Rhin Nose
Splen Spleen
Stern Sternum or breast bone
Tendin Tendon
Thorac Chest wall
Tox Poison
Viscer Organ
A/an Without or lack of
Ab Away from
Acro Extremity
Ad Toward
Brady Slow
Contra Against
Di Two
Dia Through
Dys Difficult or painful
Ecto Outside
Endo Within
Epi Upon or over
Eu Good or easy
Hemi Half
Hyper Over or above
Under or below
Inter Between
Intra Within
Macro Large
Micro Small
Mono One
Multi Many
Peri Around
Super Many or much
Tachy Fast or rapid
Al Pertaining to
Algesia Pain
Centesis Surgical puncture
Crine To secrete
Dipsia Thirst
Dynia Pain
Ectomy Removal of
Emesis Vomit
Emia Blood condition
Esthesia Feeling or sensation
Gram A writing or record
Graph Instrument used for recording
Graphy Process of recording
Ism Condition or state of beign
One who specializes
Itis Inflammation
Lysis Destroy
Meter Instrument for measuring
Metry Act o measuring
Oid Resemble
Ology Study of
Oma Tumor
Opia Vision
Osis Abnormal condition of
Pathy Disease
Penia Lack of
Phagia Eating or swallowing
Phobia Fear
Phonia Voice
Plast Surgical repair
Plegia Paralysis
Scope Instrument to view or examine
Scopy Visual examination
Involuntary contraction
Stasis Control or stop
Stenosis Construction or narrowing
Therapy Treatment
Tomy Incision or cut into
Toxic Poison
Trophy Development
Tension Pressure
Uria Urine
Pneumo Lungs
Thromb Clot
Created by: Atamchin
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