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FEB 2020

What type of vessels only have freshwater and winter north Atlantic load lines? Sailing vessels
What is the upper most vertical line on a vessel’s hull indicate? Deck line
How many smoke flares are required on a life boat? Two
How many parachute flares are required on a lifeboat? Four
How many hand flaresare required on a lifeboat? Six
What is on the davit to prevent strain on the lifeboat falls? Safety Device
What year did the international S.M.S. become applicable to all cargo/modus? 1998, 2002
Part A/B of chapter 3 of SOLAS ’74 applies to what vessels? General, Passenger and Cargo
According to SOLAS chapter five, all life boats are required to have ____? An illustrated chart of life saving signals
From the main steering position, the horizontal field of vision should extend over the arc from right ahead to at least how many degrees in either direction? 60 degrees
How many windows must you have visibility from when in the main steering position? Two
What must be in adequate amounts and locations? Fire Appliances or Fire Extinguishing Equipment
Who approves a V.C.S.? Certifying Entity
A VCS pipeline must be tested to what P.S.I. vacuum? 2 P.S.I.
What can leak in a transfer pump system? Packing Glands
LNG/LHG facilities must submit a WSA with the ___? Letter of Intent
What are the two categories of confined space? Permit/ Non Permit
On an oceangoing barge of 400gt or more, the combing around the deck must be how many inches? 8” in the aft corner area, 4” all around *
On an oceangoing barge of 400gt or more, they must have response equipment for how many barrels? 400+: 12bbls
On an oceangoing barge of less than 400gt, they must have response equipment for how many barrels? 400-: 7bbls
What must be marked on a HAZMAT hose? “HAZMAT SERVICE-SEE LIST followed immediately by a letter or number…”
What is the size, in cm, of Tar Patties? +10, tar patty, 10- tar ball
What GT vessels must have up to date charts? 1600gt, SOLAS: 500gt
What is listed for each crew member in addition to their designated muster stations on a muster list? Special Duties
Where are seats positioned in a lifeboat? Thwarts- LSA Code 4
How often is a facility required to do a security exercise? 12 months, may not exceed 18 months
How often are QI Notification drills done? Quarterly
How long is a DOS valid? 90 days, MARSEC I / 30 MARSEC II
How often does facility owned response equipment need to be deployed? Semi-Annually
What type of vessels only have freshwater and winter north Atlantic load lines Sailing vessels
What is the upper most vertical line on a vessel’s hull indicate Deck line
Emergency shutdown for Oil facilities/Hazmat Facilities: 30 seconds-oil after 1980, 30 seconds HAZMAT after 1990
Where is PIC designation required Operations Manual
How long is the validity of a D.O.C./Interim D.O.C. 5 years, 12 months
How long is the validity of the S.M.C./Interim S.M.C. 5 years, 6 months
49CFR171.22 requires shipping samples in accordance with what International Civil Aviation Organization I.C.A.O.
To ship oil samples to the MSL, the shipper must be ____ Trained and Certified
When a R.P. signs a L.O.W., they are admitting to what Receipt of the L.O.W.
What is the best way to deliver a L.O.W., if possible Personally
What is the most important document when shipping samples Chain of Custody
What is the name for a 74mph storm in the North Atlantic Hurricane
What is the type of shoreline in which deep penetration and rapid burial of stranded oil is likely Gravel Beaches
What is the type of shore that is a 30 degree steep slope, with little width Exposed Rocky Shores
What is the leading edge of an air mass Front
When would precipitation occur when a cold front passes After the front passes
If the L.O.W. is issued by mail, how should it be mailed Certified, Return Receipt
What is the maximum penalty/violation amount for an N.O.V. 1,000 gallons, 10,000 dollars
The purpose of an N.O.V. is to inform the R.P. and _____ Assess the penalty
When writing a discharge amount on an N.O.V., the estimated volume must be ______ Use Whole Gallons (COMDTINST M5582.1A)
For a Transportation Security Incident, who should be notified first C.O.T.P.
For a Breach of Security, who should be notified first N.R.C.
At what gross tonnage is a vessel required to have a second,independently operating RADAR 10,000 GT
Where is the Coast Guard’s response jurisdiction located 33 C.F.R. 2
NOA’s are submitted to whom National Vessel Movement Center
The pressure gauge on a transfer assembly must show the pressure within what percentage of the actual pressure 10%
A fire main must be able to withstand the simultaneous use of how many fire pumps 2
What is the type flat and hard packed shoreline utilized by birds and turtles for nesting Fine Grain Sand
Air mass which forms over land Continental
Section of the atmosphere that shares similar characteristics Air Mass
A facility that is a substantial/significant and substantial harm facility must have what Evacuation Plan
A small facility may be allowed to use an adequate amount of lighting for a transfer area according to whom C.O.T.P.
A reception facility receives what document Certificate of Adequacy
A facility that receives garbage, N.L.S. or Oil is called what Reception Facility
What I.C.S. form is used for Incident Briefing 201
What ploting trajectory what kind of map must be used Large Scale (largest scale possible for most detail)
What kind of tape is used to seal sample jars Electrical
A package of samples shipped to M.S.L. must have enough sorbent material to absorb the contents of how many sample jars 1
How many jars may be shipped in a box 8
When should samples be shipped to M.S.L. As Soon As Possible
Small discharge containment for a mobile facility is a minimum of how many gallons 5
The burst pressure must be ___ times the sum of the pressure of the relief valve setting or four times the maximum pump pressure when no relief valve is installed 4
When writing an N.O.V. violation for a facility that falls under 33CFR 104-106 at MARSEC level 3, the penalty must be increased by how much 2x
The approval for an Alternative Security plan must be sent to which office Commandant
The O.W.S. is required at how many GT 400GT
What is the IOPP non tankers/tankers GT requirement 400GT/150GT
Who is responsible for ensuring private response personnel have OSHAA training Facility Owner/Operator
A responder at the awareness level is required to know what Basic risk assessment of all hazards
How often is a facility response plan valid 5 years
SOLAS(14) chapter III, part A, B A-General, Requirements for ships and lifesaving appliances, BI-all ships, BII-passenger ships, BIII-cargo ships
What is the outer diameter of a load line 12 inches
Emergency Steering Gear must be tested within how many hours or arrival 48 hours
What is the minimum amount of persons on a passenger ship to require a lifeboat 200
Which shoreline type which cleanup is difficult and should only be conducted at low tide, and the use of heavy machinery should be restricted to prevent mixing of oil into sediments Exposed Tidal Flats
Which type of cleanup method uses backhoes, graters, bulldozers etc, and requires systems used for temporary storage, transportation and disposal Mechanical
I.C.S. 201 Incident Briefing
I.C.S. 202 Incident Objectives
I.C.S. 203 Organization Assignment List
I.C.S. 204 Assignment List
I.C.S. 206 Medical Plan
I.C.S. 207 Organizational Chart
I.C.S. 208 Site Safety Plan
I.C.S. 215a Hazard Risk Analysis Worksheet
51-90% oil coverage on a shoreline is considered what Broken Coverage
A facility security drill/exercise tests what Portions/Entirety of the security program
If a vessel is moored at a facility on a day the facility has a drill scheduled, the facility _____ require the vessel to participate Cannot
How long must a facility maintain Coast Guard Inspection records 3 years
Splash over boom failure occurs when the water is____ Choppy
One high _de and one low tide occurring in a day is called what Diurnal
Where is the timber load line located 21” abaft the center of the Plimsol mark, proceeded by the letter “L”
What is the name of an area that holds classified material Restricted
What is the act that allows the public access to government records Freedom of Information Act
How does the R.F.M.C. keep open communications Field Visits
What is the maximum width for tattooed eyeliner 1/8in
How many drills are required for Ready Reserves 48 Inactive Duty Training Drills/12 Active Duty Training Drills
How much can be authorized on a government travel card $9,999.99
Under which UCMJ Article do you have the “right to remain silent” Article 31B
When can you accept a gift in an official status Less than $20
If you assault a petty officer, what part of the U.C.M.J. are you violating Article 91
What is not a means of discharge from the CG Civilian Job opportunity
After how many days past payment is your government travel card suspended 120
What tide has a lower average range Neap tide
What is the vertical rise and fall of the ocean tide
Who needs knowledge of how to enact the F.R.P. Q.I.
Who is responsible for a sexual assault investigation Unrestricted-CGIS
What is the coast guards policy on sexual assault Zero tolerance
Upper most load line mark Tropical fresh
Lower most load line mark Winter north atlantic
SMART Specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, time-driven
S.A.P.P. Security, application, policy, propriety
What percentage of people who commit suicide tell someone before hand 80%
Inland river barge response equipment for how many bbls oil 1
O3 in Air Force Capt
O9 in Army, Marines LT General
What is on the NOFA Date/time
Measures of C.G.B.I. People, training, equipment, infrastructure
Worst Case Discharge for a mobile facility Contents of container used for storage or being transported
Who has to have the emergency shutdown Fac P.I.C. and vessel P.I.C.
How many feet must hot work be from hazmat on a 126 facility 50’
Who can increase travel card limit Command request
With exceptionally sensitive samples you can send them to M.S.L. for what Reason Prep only
Suspected source samples come from who Any facility or vessel that had the OPPORTUNITY to spill
What do you round the gallons to on an N.O.V. Whole gallons
What do you sample from each suspected source All tanks and bilges
For project to be successful, the team leader needs pick members no more than the “manageable few”
The improvement process that capitalizes on negative thought Contingency Diagram
The improvement process can See how different causes of a problem might be related
What percentage is needed to validate a E.P.Q. for the paygrades in the fields At least 30% job analysis
How many competencies of leadership are there 28
Where does “aligning values” fall into place in the realm of “leading self”, “leading others”, “leading performance and change” or “leading the CG” Leading self
Brief case are to be black, navy blue or Dark brown
Who was the first to make the E-9 pay grade Jack Kerwin 1958
The title Chief can be traced back to the Civil War Era
SELRES are authorized how many I.D.T. and A.D.T. drills 48 I.D.T. and 12 A.D.T.
Romatic relationships are prohibited between members on units less than 60 members
Award forms are 1650
E-8 requires at least how many years of service 10
Who should supervise E.M.I. Supervisor
Instructions need to be reviewed how often 4 years
How many decibels need hearing protection 85
What is considered a confined space Tanks and voids and unventilated spaces
How much per year for T.A. $4500
A.C.E. Ask, Care, Escort
LEAPS Listen, Empathize, Ask Questions, Paraphrase, Summarize
P.R.E.P. program ages 21 to 32 prior to class convening.
Ida Lewis Lime Rock
What date did the U.S.C.G.transfer from DOT to the DHS March 1, 2003
How many missions the Aux has 7
Fog bells went into service 1852
CG mission to protect environment in 1822
Cutter Northland did what Seized the Buskeoe.
The nancy and the meh_able were recaptured during what war Quasi
Jefferson was the first prize in what war 1812
Liaison officer falls under what I.C.
Classified material is locked in Restricted space
whats the primary thing CG needs to consider for assignment Mission execution
Members who are E2 and havent a advanced in __ years and have and alcohol incident are normally discharged 2 years
The category on the Maslow theory when we know our limits and try to perform within our limits, to our full potential is what Self actualization
Types of mentoring is formal, informal, situational and ___ supervisory
Forming, storming, ___, and performing Norming
3 levels of diversity Personal, interpersonal and organization
3 approaches of influencing others Directing, coaching and delegating
Influencing others to achieve A goal
Which is not a psychological factor as a barrier to communications Distractions
Bomb condition I is what Telephone call is made but no exact time or location is obtained.
“_ Stations” is a control center for keeping all osha and msds related information Right to Know Stations
What tag or label can authorize use of equipment but has precautionary instructions Warning tag
How many main components of a fitness plan 5
How many times a year do you review a fitness plan as a supervisor Update annually by member and submitted to supervisors during every performance evaluation.
Seapay is authorized for all members in pay grade E-1 to O-6
Smoking needs to be at least _____ ft away from doors, window, ect 50
Brands cannot be larger than ____ inches 4x4
As a member of the CG you are prohibited from participating in demonstrations when In a foreign country
What act allows you and your dependents the right to vote absentee in federal elections Uniformed and overseas citizen voting act
D.H.S. is comprised by how many agencies Seven
How many roles does the C.G. have 3 - Maritime safety, Maritie Security, Maritime Stewardship
Goals defined as Long term and short term
SMART, S and A is for what Specific, and Achievable
What is the Hot Work Permit # 4201
What is the longest period a facility may obtain a continuing Hot Work Permit One year
How often must C.O.T.P. be notified for continuing hot work permit May require notice whenever hot work is scheduled
How often must facility owner review his response plan Annually
What are the timeframes for proposed C.O.T.P. revisions to a response plan 30 days
What is the maximum length a vessel hot work permit may be issued for No more than 30 days
What is considered the marine transfer area Part of the Water Front Front where the vessel moors and the first manifold or shutoff valve after the pipeline enters secondary containment
Mobile Facility defintion Any facility that can readily change location
When is a transfer considered to be complete When all connections for the transfer have been uncoupled and secured with blanks or closure devices and D.O.I. is completed
Who may approve alternatives C.O.T.P.
Who grants exemptions Assistant COMNDT
Who does the facility operator submit exemptions to COMNDT Via C.O.T.P.
How many days does Facility Operator need to submit Letter Of Intent To C.O.T.P. not less than 60 days prior to ops
How many days does Facility Operator need to advise COTP of changes to facility 5 days
How many copies of the ops man does facility operator need to submit 2 copies
Facility operator needs to ensure the ops manual is ___ for every P.I.C. Readily available
If C.O.T.P. requires amendment, within how many days does it become effective 60 days after facility operator receives notice
Inflammable or combustible cargo not including bulk cannot be tiered higher than what 12 ft.
What distance needs to maintained between cargo and the upper level of the top tier 3 ft.
What must illumination measure at the connection point be 5 Foot Candles
What must illumination measure at the transfer operation work areas 1.0 candle
How many hours training must the P.I.C. have to serve in that role 48
What must the PIC carry on him during transfer operations, Exceptions Evidence of his designation. Unless evidence is available at the facility
The Facility Operator must ensure how much Hazmat is kept at the facility Only in quantiles needed for the operation and are stored in storage compartments
Who is responsible for posting no smoking signs at the facility Operator
What requirement must hot work be conducted I.A.W. N.F.P.A. 51B
How far must hot work be done from bulk cargo (flammable), Fueling ops or explosives; How far for other Hazmat 30.5 meters or 100 feet, 15.25 meters or 50 feet
What must be in place if hot work is conducted on the boundary of a compartment Fire watch in adjoining compartment
How long must the Facility operator keep CG exam records on file 3 Years
How long must the Facility Operator keep repair records to the vapor system and auto shut down repairs 3 years
Inerted means the O2 content has been reduced to what 8% or less
Substantial Harm M.T.R. facility definition Fixed and mobile M.T.R. facilities capable of transferring to a vessel w/ 250 bbl capacity
Significant and substantial harm MTR facility definition Deepwater ports and fixed facilities 250 bbls
What is the storage capacity exemption for sig. and sub. harm facility 42,000 gallons
Who may upgrade the status of facility C.O.T.P.
Average most probable discharge definition Lesser of 50 bbls or 1% of the volume of the worst case discharge
Maximum most probable discharge definition Lesser of 1200 bbls or 10% of the volume of the worst case discharge
Persistent oils, II-V II- Specific gravity less than .85, III Specific Gravity .85-.95, IV Specific gravity .95-1.0, V Specific gravity 1.0
Worst case discharge Largest foreseeable discharge in adverse Wx and meeting 154.1029
What two things is the QI not responsible for Adequacy of the response plan, contracting or obligating funds beyond the authority contained in their designation
What language must the response plan be written in English
The info in the response plan must be consistent with what The N.C.P. and the A.C.P.
How long must the response plan be I.A.W. the A.C.P. 6 months
Within what time frame and how much boom does a substantial harm facility need to have for average most probable discharge 1 hour, 200 ft of boom
Within what time frame and how much boom does a facility transferring groups I-IV oils have for the average most probable discharge 1 hour, 1000 ft of boom
Time frame for QI notification drill/exercise Quarterly
Time frame for spill management table top exercise Annually, in a 3 yr period at least one must cover worst case discharge
Time frame for equipment deployment exercise/drill; facility owned, OSRO Facility owned- semiannually OSRO- Annually
What Facility exercise is optional Emergency procedures exercise
How often must a Facility conduct an unannounced drill Annually
Within what time frame must all components of a Facility Response Plan be exercised 3 years
After participating in an unannounced drill, how long is the facility exempt 3 years
After participating in an Area Exercise, how long is the facility exempt 3 years
How long is a FRP valid for Up to 5 years
The owner who disagrees with a deficiency may appeal to whom within how long C.O.T.P. within 7 days
Within how many days and to who may the Facility Operator appeal a C.O.T.P. decision 10 days to the District Commander
How long and to whom does a facility operator have to appeal a decision made by the District Commander 30 days to the Commandant
Which vessels are exempt from 33 CFR Part 155 Warships, Naval Auxiliary or other ships owned or operated by a country when engaged in noncommercial service.
All oil tankers and offshore oil barges w/ 250 bbl capacity, how high must coamings be; In aft corners; rest of coaming 8 in tall and extend 14ft forward and 8ft inboard, 4 in. all round
A ship over 26 ft. must have what posted in machinery spaces or at bilge/ballast spaces; What are the dimensions Discharge of Oil prohibited placard. 5 x 8 inches
What space may no person intentionally drain oil/hazmat into The bilge
What is the max. a cargo tank may be filled to on a Tank Vsl Not more that 98.5%
Part 156 does not apply to transfers with what types of vessels Public VSLs
How much advance notice is the facility required to give the COTP with regards to a transfer 4 hours
When is a transfer first considered to begin When the PIC's first meet to begin completing the DOI
List two requirements for the PIC during a transfer Is at the site of the transfer and has in possession a copy of the Ops Man.
How many people must be on site who speaks the language of the PICs At least one
Within what _me period before a transfer must each alarm and automatic shutdown have been tested 24 hours
Is hot work permitted on a vessel during transfer operations no
When making connections, what are the min, number of bolts required and what standard must the comply with At least on in every other hole, but no less than 4 bolts, ANSI
What must the PIC be present for at a transfer Connecting/disconnecting of hoses, top off a tank, or engaging in any other critical procedures
When may a person start the flow of oil/hazmat Not unless instructed to do so by the PIC
Where must the PIC be during a transfer In the immediate vicinity and immediately available.
Definition of Lightering Vessel to vessel transfer
What hazard classes fall under "Cargo of Particular Hazard" 1.1, 1.2, 2.3, 4.3, 5.1, 6.1 and 7
What hazard classes fall under "Designated Dangerous Cargo" 1.1, 1.2
What are the requirements for the warning alarms under 126 Siren type or emergency rotating flashing type, must be heard up to one mile
5.1's must be stored how far away from organic material 30 ft
What documents will be accepted as evidence that a Large Vessel/Foreign Vessel is in compliance with 33 CFR 155 C.O.I./I.O.P.P.
Who must prepare a S.P.C.C. Plan Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures Plan, owners/operators of facility that could or have be expected to discharge
What is the W.F.F. inspection form number CG 4200
What C.F.R. site deals with oil spill claims 33 CFR 136
Within how long must a claimant submit for damages 3 Years
How long does a claimant have to submit for removal costs 6 Years
Within how long must the RP advertise No later that 15 days after receiving a Notice of Designation
Three levels of Cost Doc I – Routine, 85% of incidents, cost doesn’t exceed $50,000 II – Moderately Complex, 10-15%, $50,000-$200,000 III-Significantly Complex, 5%, $200,000 or more
Financial Summary Report should be submitted by F.O.S.C. within how many days after removal activities are completed 60 days
What are the two requirements to be able to submit an abbreviated F.O.S.C. financial report No R.P. and costs don’t exceed $25,000
If the case is expected to last several months, how often must interim financial reports be submitted Every 30 Days
What does Part 138 apply to Tank vessels of any size and other ships over 30 gt
Who is exempt from 33 C.F.R.138 Vessels under 300 gt and non-self propelled barges not carrying oil/Hazmat as cargo or fuel
What covers drainages from dishwashers, showers, laundry, bath and washbasin drains Greywater
What are the five requirements for vessels when intentionally discharging Oil doesn't originate from the cargo pump room bilges, Oil is not mixed with oil cargo residues, Ship is not within special area, The ship is proceeding en route less that 15 ppm
What vessels must carry an oil record book Oil tankers 150 gt or more and all vessels above 400 gt
What language must the SOPEP be in English and the working language of the crew
To carry C and D NLS's what document must the vessel have COI
What is the size requirement for vessels to have a "Discharge Oil Prohibited" placard 26 Ft and above
Which two laws are used as the primary statutes for controlling marine pollution F.W.P.C.A. and APPS
What are the four operations phases for oil removal I – Discovery and Notification II – Preliminary assessment and initiation of action III –Containment, countermeasures, clean up and disposal IV – Documentation and cost recovery
What is the most important piece of paperwork sent to the MSL Chain of Custody
What cite deals with civil penalties and enforcement 33 CFR 1.07
What is the NOFI form number 5549
How should a NOFI be mailed Certified, return receipt
Explain P.H. range of numbers Less than 7 are acidic, greater than 7 are basic (14 is Caustic Soda) 7 is neutral, same as water
Explain Miscible When two liquids or gases are completely soluble in each other
What is the Letter of Request in reference to oil samples Accompanies samples, serves as the first line of communication between the field unit and MSL. Some info included: Activity number, number of samples, unit POC, enforcement type, additional case info
Below what level is considered O2 deficient 19.5%
Violating applicable water quality standards refers to Harmful Quantity definition, 40 CFR 110
Top part of the boom, designed to prevent/reduce splash over Freeboard/sail
Part of the boom underneath the water used to prevent or reduce escape of oil Skirt
Very bottom of the boom, adds strength as well as ballast Tension member/ballast
What are three major characteristics to consider when selecting boom Wave following, ease of deployment, oil retention
What is the first mechanical response equipment taken to a spill site Boom
Booming strategy that is deployed around a sensitive area and the pollutant is either deflected or contained Exclusion Booming
Strategy used when waves are less than one knot breaking waves are negligible Exclusion
Strategy where boom is deployed at an angle to approaching pollutant and it's diverted away from sensitive areas to a collection point Deflection/Diversion
U, V, and J are examples of what type of booming strategy Containment
This strategy is used when currents are greater than one knot and breaking waves are Negligible Deflection/diversion
This booming strategy is primarily used on open water in conjunction with skimmers Containment
What is the drawback when using sorbent boom It can only be used once and must be disposed of as Haz Waste
What level of PPE for highest level of respiratory, skin, eye or when concentrations are unknown level A
What level of PPE when airborne substance is known Level C
What level of PPE shouldn't be worn where any respiratory or skin hazards are present Level D
What level of PPE for highest respiratory protection, but a lesser level of skin Also is min level for initial entries
O2 meters should be calibrated to what % 20.9%
What is the primary law for response to and enforcement of discharges of oil F.W.P.C.A.
Which laws amended the F.W.P.C.A. C.W.A. first and then O.P.A.
What law has only criminal violations of administrative orders CERCLA
When a violation of APPS has occurred, which two laws should you use for cleanup F.W.P.C.A. or CERCLA
Describe the classes of spills, inland/coastal- minor, medium, major Minor Inland - >1000, Costal - >10,000, Medium inland 1,000-10,000 coastal 10,000-100,000, Major inland 10,000 or more, coastal 100,000 or more
Where does the authority for a C.O.T.P. order come from P.W.S.A.
What is the best method available for containment/control of an oil spill Boom
What else are booms called Curtains, shields and guards
What 4 things affect boom Current, speed, tide, wave action
What two factors cause excessive turbulence at the highest point of the boom wave height or wave frequency
At what speed does entrainment occur, regardless of skirt length 0.7 knots
Requirements for lighting boom, How high up and intervals not more than what 1 to 3.5 meters up and not more than 10 meters apart
What strategy when boom is deployed across or around sensitive areas and anchored in place and approaching oil is deflected or contained by boom Exclusion
Boom is deployed at an angle to approaching oil. Oil is diverted for recovery Diversion
Deployed in a U shape, the ends are anchored by drogues/work boats Containment
What can be constructed for oil spill containment Dams
What's constructed to control flow by diversion or overflow Berms
What six things should be considered when selecting the protection technique 1. Type of water body 2. Velocity of water 3. Land form and water body configurations 4. Depth of water 5. Presence of breaking waves 6. Amount of oil contamination
What reference recommends at least 3 samples of waterborne oil be taken A.S.T.M. D4489
What are the 4 major factors that result in weathering, B.O.D.E. Evaporation, Dissolution, Oxidation, Biodegradation
What are optimal conditions for storing oil samples, type and temp? Explosion proof fridge at 40 to 42 F
How many and what type of label is used for samples 2 pre-gummed oil and water resistant labels
What should be on each label One provides chain of custody the other provides information about the oil in the jar.
When is rush analysis justified, 2 situations Vessel is detained or high media coverage
When is priority justified Large expenditure of O.S.L.T.F. or there is a potential the R.P. questions the extent of the spilled oil
What PSN, PK group and UN number should be used for oil samples Petroleum Products, N.O.S. U.N. 1268 P.G. II
What size should the oil sample glass jars be 4 oz.
What is the max number of jars that should be shipped 8 jars
What other two things should be used during shipping of oil samples Non-reactive cushioning, enough sorbent to absorb the contents of one jar should it break
What type of box and what max weight for shipments of oil samples Fiberboard box, no more than 30 kg or 66 lbs
What two cites require notification of a spill 40 C.F.R. 300, 33 C.F.R. 153.203 and 40 C.F.R. 110
Within how many days will the R.R.T. send a copy of the OCS report to the N.R.T. 30 day only if requested
Who may classify a spill as a SONS Administrator of the E.P.A. or the Commandant
What is the Hazardous Waste Manifest form E.P.A. Form 8700-22
What cite deals with hazardous waste 40 C.F.R. 260
What COMDINST mandated NIMMS I.C.S. be used for all C.G. Hazmat and Oil Spill response activity COMDINST 3120.14
What are the five subsystems of NIMMS Supporting Technology, Publication Mgmt, I.C.S., Training, Qualification and Certification
How many days worth of I.C.S. forms must the District Commander maintain for worst case scenarios 10 days
How many days worth of I.C.S. forms must Commanding Officers maintain for worst case scenario 48 hours 2 days
What is the COMDTPUB number for the Incident Mgmt handbook, F.O.G. guide COMDTPUB P3120.17
Oil includes what according the M.S.M. Vegetable and animal oils
Release of "minimal" and "substantial" refers to what types of hazmat spills Minor and Major respectively
N.O.V. 4 page breakdown 1 Unit Copy, 2 R.P. 3 Bank/Decline, 4 to FINCEN (pg 2 and 3 are given to the R.P.)
What class penalty does an NOV turn into if declined Class I
Within how many days does an NOV go to collections 60, 45 days per regulations plus 15 for mail and delivery
What is the maximum spill that an NOV can be issued for 1,000 gallons
What is the Max. dollar amount an NOV can be issued for $10,000
For statutes that provide each day a continuing violation as a separate violation, how many NOV's can you issue One NOV per incident
How are NOV's issued to individuals assessed Reducing the commercial amount by 50%
How are the penalty amounts changed when an NOV is issued at MARSEC 2 and 3 Multiply by 1.5 and 2 respectively
When assessing a 1st offense, what is defined as a previous discharge One where a N.O.V. has been paid or C.G. Hearing Officer has made a civil penalty assessment
What does checking the spill violation in the past 12 months not considered mean Command has be unable to verify or chosen not to consider past history
How many days are given to process an N.O.V. in MISLE 10 days
Within how many days will the enforcement activity be created for an N.O.V Within 3 working days of the N.O.V. being issued
What if a R.P. wants a N.O.V. modified Considered a decline and processed as a class 1
Is a signature required on an N.O.V. No, but mark the reason, mailed, hand delivered...
What must be on an N.O.V. if it contains SSI S.S.I. must be written across the top
Within how many days must an L.O.W. be declined 30 days
When shall an L.O.W. not be issued violation the represents a sig thrt to health, safety, or the environment, any intentional violation, a 2nd offense of the exact same offense (regardless of timeframe), any 2nd offense in a 12 month period When more than tree violation of different types
What is the non-commercial threshold for L.O.W.s Non-commercial 50 gallons
What is the commercial threshold for L.O.W.s Commercial 25 gallons
What four factors are considered when first deciding how to respond Type of shoreline, bio/physical value, Degree of contamination, Oil migrations
Which skimmer uses gravity Weir
Which skimmer is used in shallow water Suction
Which skimmer is operated by water vortex or whirlpool Centrifugal
Which skimmer is incorporated within a powered vessel so the oil is forced beneath the water's surface by moving belt Submersion
What are the three classes or sorbents Natural organic, Mineral Based, Synthetic Organic
What three factors are used to determine when to terminate a cleanup No detectable oil present, Damage caused by further clean-up is worse than natural, Cost is not worth health/public benefits
How does the O.S.C. access the O.S.L.T.F. Request issuance of a project number from the district fund administrator
How many Strike Teams are there and where are they located 3- Atlantic (Fort Dix, NJ) Gulf (Mobile, AL) Pacific (Novato, CA)
Define DRAT's purpose Provide support to the field in relation to pollution response and advises District Commander of assets available
What are the 5 sections of a POLREP Header, Situation, Action, Plan/Recommendations, Case Status
What is the cleanup of Hazardous Substances from the environment Removal actions
What are haz substance cleanup actions consistent with a permanent remedy Remedial actions
What are the two factors that classify the site a remedial Cleanup is expected to exceed 2 million, cleanup is expected to exceed one year
What type of boom is characterized by 6" to 12" skirt River boom
Which boom has 12" to 14" skirt and should be used in more sheltered waters Harbor boom
Which boom has less than 6" skirt and can be used in fast currents Shallow water boom
Which is the largest boom with a skirt of 24" or greater that is heavily affected by currents Open water boom
What is it called when oil builds against the boom forming a head wave upstream and when the current increases particles are torn away from the head wave and under Occurs when current exceeds .7 knots Entrainment
What is it called when the wave height is greater than the sail/freeboard Splash over
When a strong wind and strong surface current are moving in opposite directions causing the boom to lay almost flat, or when boom is inadequately ballasted Planing
When boom is anchored in fast currents or is being towed too quickly Submergence
When oil collecting at the boom increases in depth until it eventually flows under the boom skirt Drainage
What are 4 exceptions under limits to liability 1 Gross neg/willful misconduct 2 Violation of Fed reg. 3 Failure to report 4 Failure to provide cooperation w/ the COTP
What is the definition of detention ratio Total number of detention over a 3 year period divided by the number of vessel arrivals for that company
What size vessels must display anchorage lights Vessels not more than 65 ft.
Bulk solid hazmat, pre-load hold must be empty and what Thoroughly cleaned of loose dunnage (permanent wooden battens or sheathing may remain) and bilges must be dry
What must happen after loading of bulk solid hazmat Each hold must be thoroughly cleaned of all residue
IOPP applies to which vessels Oil tanker 150 gt. and above, other ships 400 gt. and above
Gross Tonnage for Navigation Safety Equipment 1600 GT CFR, 500 GT SOLAS
What are the point breakdowns for P1, P2 and N.P.V.’s 17 or more, 7-16, 6 or fewer
Before entering the pump room, how long must it vent for 15 min
How many pages does an I.O.P.P. form B consist of 10
What is part One and Part Two of an O.R.B. Part I- Machinery space, Part II Cargo/ballast ops
What is the memo number and date that authorizes C.G. entry to private on or near nav. waters without a warrant Memo 5800, 25SEP72
What is a water/shore area to which, for safety or environmental protection purposes, access is limited A safety zone
What is an area of land/water established for such time as is necessary to prevent damage or injury to any vessel or waterfront facility A security zone
What is a water area within a defined boundary for which regulations for vessels navigating within the area have been established by the District Commander A Regulated Navigation Area
Risk level for which protective measures must be maintained for an indefinite period of time. These are considered the normal every day security measures MARSEC 1
Heightened threat of an unlawful act against a port/facility/vessel; intel indicates terrorists are likely to be active w/in specific area or against specific class MARSEC 2
Probable or imminent threat of unlawful act against port/facility/vessel MARSEC 3
Who may request a R.N.A. be established Anyone
Who in the CG may establish a R.N.A. Any CG official
To who and how must the request for an R.N.A. be submitted To COTP/District Commander in writing
What six things must be included in the R.N.A. request 1. Name of person submitting 2. Location and boundaries 3. Date, time and duration 4. Description of activities planned 5. Nature of restrictions 6. Reason why it is necessary
When can a request for an R.N.A. be made orally If for good cause, 5 days before. Must be followed up w/ written request w/in 24hr
How can notification to the public be made, 6 ways 1. Marine broadcast 2. Notice to Mariners 3. Local news 4. Leaflet format 5. On scene oral notice 6. Federal Register
Within how many paces must a salute be rendered 6
What year were all officer career fields and enlisted ratings opened to women 1978
When are supporting remarks required for marks When a 1, 2, 7, U, or Not Recommended are given
What is the time period E.E.R.’s are to be completed in reference to end of the review period 21 days
Within how many days should the employee submit supporting documentation to their supervisor Not later than 14 days from the end of the marking period
Within how many days must the supervisor forward marks to the Approving Official N.L.T. 5 days after the marking period
Within how many days must the member submit a written appeal if they so desire (Marks)Within 15 calendar days from the date of signature
Can welding be conducted onboard vessels with explosives No
What are the common lengths for containers 10, 20, 40 ft
What are the common heights for containers 8, 8.5, 9 ft
What 6 things are found on a C.S.C. plate -Man. Date -ID Number -Max. gross weight - Stacking weight -Racking test load value -Reinspection due date
How long are each sides of a placard 10 ¾ inches
What includes groundings, damage to vessel/apparel/gear/cargo, injury or loss of life to any person, collisions, standings, groundings, foundering’s, heavy weather damage, fire, explosions Marine Casualties
What includes one or more death, injury beyond first aid, damage in excess of 100k, actual/constructive loss of a vessel, discharge of 10,000 oil or more, release of RQ of hazmat Serious Marine Casualty
What are the seven incidents CG is most likely to respond to SAR, L.E., Oil Spills, Haz Sub. Release, Terrorism, Marine Fire, Multi-Casualty
What is the ideal ratio of supervisor to workers under span of control 3:1 To 7:1
M.S.M. Vol 1 Admin and Mgmt
M.S.M. Vol 2 Material Insp
M.S.M. Vol 3 Marine Industry Personnel
M.S.M. Vol 4 Technical
M.S.M. Vol 5 Investigations
M.S.M. Vol 6 Ports and Waterways Safety
M.S.M. Vol 7 Port Security
M.S.M. Vol 9 Marine Environmental Protection
M.S.M. Vol 10 Inter-agency Agreements and Acronyms
What are the four routes of entry into the body absorption, injection, ingestion, and inhalation
33 C.F.R. Part 153 Control of pollution/discharge removal
33 C.F.R. Part 165 RNA and LAA's
40 C.F.R. Part 110 Discharge of Oil
40 C.F.R. Part 112 Oil Pollution Prevention
40 C.F.R. Part 117 R.Q.'s C.W.A./F.W.P.C.A.
40 C.F.R. Part 302 CERCLA
46 C.F.R. Part 10 Licensing
46 CFR 10 Boundary Lines
Sea time started accruing 01FEB94
which uniforms are always options for uniform of the day S.B.D., or __ Trops
Steps to clear the P229? 1. Press mag catch button 2. Ensure mag is removed 3. Cant weapon inboard 4. Rack slide 03 times 5. Lock slide to rear 6. Do visual inspection of chamber mag well, look away, recheck 7. Place weapon inholster
What are the basic rules of marksmanship? Hold, stance, breath control, sight alignment, trigger control
What is on a D.O.I. for L.N.G.? Name of vsl and fac, date and time xfer begins, list of req in 127.315 and initials of the FAC P.I.C. after each requirement, signature and time, and date of each relief.
 Federal law states D.U.I. is when B.A.C. is between? .02%-.08%
Federal law states D.W.I. is when B.A.C. is above? .08%
Danger signs of suicidal behavior: Is path warm? Ideation; Substance Abuse; Purposelessness; Anxiety; Trapped; Hopelessness; Withdrawal; Anger; Recklessness; Mood Changes
Types of birth control?  Abstinence; birth control pills; ortho-evra; nuva-ring; depo-provera; I.U.D.; Implanon; spermicide; condoms
Four Views in C.G.B.I. Enterprise, Unit, Personal, Cubes/Reports
What color must the sail on a lifeboat be? Orange
What is required in a preliminary W.S.A.? Port Characterization, characterization or L.N.G/L.H.G. facility or tanker, risk assessment for safety and security, risk management strategies, resource needs for maritime safety, security and response
What is the symbol for a cold front on a weather map? blue triangles
A _ can be a one time event or promulgated as a recurring event in the C.F.R. Safety Zone
What can access control do? Protect the public from a danger in a certain area, protect an asset from the public or provide a space for activities to occur safely.
What type of rulemaking process do U.S.C.G. field regulations originate from? informal notice and comment
Magnuson act security zones mitigate _ maritime security risks. Non-terrorism
P.W.S.A. security zones are an _ measure. Anti-terrorism
Safety zones are established for what purpose? Safety or environmental purposes
Security zones are designated areas of water or land established to protect what? Vessels, harbors, ports, or waterfront facilities.
What is a waterway with limited access to ensure safety of life on the navigable waters immediately before, during and after regattas or marine parades? Special local regulations
What might define a regulated area? Special local regulations
Lowest and highest credit scores? 300-850
Small discharge containment for a tank vessel? half a bbl for a hose or loading arm 2 inches or less, 1 bbl if more than 2 but less than 4 inches, 2 bbl if 4 inches but less than 6, 3 bbl if 6 inches but less than 12, 4 bbl if more than 12 inches
Small discharge containment for a water front facility? 1 bbl if a hose or loading arm less than 4 inches, 2 bbl if 4 inches but less than 6, 3 bbl if 6 inches but less than 12, 4 bbl if more than 12 inches
Who are the primary authors and processors of field regulations? Waterways managers
Who establishes safety and security zones? District commanders
What can the district commander delegate to the C.O.T.P.? Establishing special local regulations
What can a special local regulation define or establish? a regulated area, safety zones, actions to control vessel movements.
What are types of emergency birth control? Plan B, Copper I.U.D.
How many types of form 3307 (aka page 7) are there? 9
Where is the National Response Frame Work located? 40 C.F.R. 300
Hurricanes are rated according to what scale? The Saffir-Simpson Scale.
What is not a regulated waterway according to CFR? Previously converted farm land.
Permissible Benzene exposure limit: 1PPM
How old do you have to be to operate a GMDSS? 18 yrs per STCW
Ocean Circulation: Thousands of miles over months to years
Coastal Flow: Hundreds of miles in weeks
Riverine transport: Tens of miles in hours to days
Oil Coverage Continuous: 90-100% Broken: 50-90%Patchy: 10-50% Sporatic:1-10%
Boulder 256mm+ in diameter (10in+)
Cobbles 256mm-64mm (10-2.5in)
Pebble 64mm-4mm (2.5in-0.15in)
Granule 4mm-2mm
Sand 2mm-0.06mm
Mud silt and clay
Intertidal sand and gravel beaches: oil penetration into beach sediments may be up to 50 cm (10in)
Intertidal gravel beaches: rapid burial can occur
Inland oil spill sizes Minor: less than 1,000 gal Medium: 1,000 to 10,000 gal Major greater than10,000 gal
coastal oil spill sizes Minor: less than 10,000 gal Medium: 10,000 to 100,000 gal Major greater than 100,000 gal
Who determines what is considered excess property? Property custodian
7 Steps of Operational Risk Management 1) Define Mission 2)ID Hazards 3)Assess Risk 4)ID options to reduce risk 5) Eval Risk vs Gain 6) Execute Decision 7) Monitor Situation
OCS admission ages; 21-26 without service
Academy admission ages 17-22
Commissioning program that allows enlisted to finish 2 years of college with the goal of qualifying for OCS? Pre-Commissioning Program (P.PEP)
What do you use to activate an existing regulation for a recurring event? Notice of enforcement N.O.E.
When do you enforce existing regulations? only when requested by an event sponsor.
Restricted waterfront areas are established by C.O.T.P.s for what type of cargoes? Class 1 explosives handling
IDENTIFY stages of conflict. Stage-1 – Disagreement Stage-2 – Confrontation Stage-3 – Escalation Stage-4 – De-Escalation Stage-5 – Resolution
What steps should be taken after a release of L.N.G.? 1. Immediately notify vessel P.I,C. of intent to shut down. 2. Shut down transfer. 3.Notify C.O.T.P. of release. 4. Do not resume transfer operations until authorized by C.O.T.P.
Signs of Chlamydia Men: Watery, whitish discharge from the penis Women: Vaginal discharge, bleeding, burning, or pain on urinating Men and Women: infertility
Where would you publish a Notice of Enforcement (N.O.E)? The Federal Register
What year was the Thrift Savings Plan established? 1986
What can transport oil for thousands of miles in months to years? Ocean circulation Cite: NOAA Trajectory Analysis Handbook
For small spills (<100 barrels), the spreading process is complete within how many hours of the discharge? Within the first hour. Cite: NOAA Trajectory Analysis Handbook
What can transport oil for hundreds of miles in weeks? Estuarine circulation Cite: NOAA Trajectory Analysis Handbook
The tidal range between high and low water is smallest and occurs near the time of the first and last lunar quarters? Neap tide Cite: NOAA Trajectory Analysis Handbook
What can transport oil tens of miles in hours to days? Rivers Cite: NOAA Trajectory Analysis Handbook
What is the tracking number on a sample? The ECN from the IIA Oil Sample Handling and Transmittal Guide pg. 9
An oil spill from a vessel of 10,000 gallons or more, regardless of cause, is what kind of incident? Serious Marine Incident Cite: 46CFR4.03-2
Shoreline with oil covering of 91-100% Continuous Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual Appendix D
Shoreline with oil covering of 51-90% Broken Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual Appendix D
Shoreline with oil covering of 11-50% Patchy Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual Appendix D
Shoreline with oil covering of 1-10% Sporadic Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual Appendix D
These beaches have relatively steep beach faces and soft substrates which can undergo rapid erosion / deposition cycles? Medium-to-Medium-to-Coarse Grained Sand Beaches Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 93Coarse
During small spills, oil will deposit along and above the high tide swash and oil penetration into the beach sediment may be up to 50cm? Mixed Sand and Gravel Beaches Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 94
What shoreline type is only accessible at low tide, the use of heavy machinery should be restricted to prevent mixing of oil into the sediments? Exposed Tidal Flats Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 95
What shoreline type cleanup is very difficult because of the soft substrate and cleanup options are very limited due to inaccessibility? Sheltered Tidal Flats Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 97
Winds of 0-38 mph in North Atlantic? Tropical Depression
Wind speed of 74 mph or more in North Atlantic, is what type of storm? Hurricane
39-73 mph in North Atlantic? Tropical Storm
What is the easiest type of shoreline to clean? Fine Grain Sand Beaches Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 92
Foot and vehicular traffic will increase the risk of mixing oil into the sediment of what type of shoreline? Medium-to-Coarse Grain Sand Beaches Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 93
Biological utilization can be very high, with large numbers of infauna, heavy use by birds for roosting and foraging, and use by foraging fish, in what shoreline type? Exposed Tidal Flat Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 95
What are the 3 affects of wind on oil Weathering, surface affect on water, and direct transport Cite: NOAA Trajectory Analysis Handbook
What type of hazardous substance release poses a substanial threat to public health or results in significant public concern produce? Major Release Cite: 40CFR300.5
What does the Notice of Federal Assumption specifically state the OSLTF will pay for? Activites or resources Cite: MSM Vol IX Chap. 5
What parts of a spill can the OSC assume control over? Total or partial control of removal activities Cite: MSM Vol IX Chap. 5
Wind speed has what percentage of effect on movement of oil? 3% Cite: NOAA Trajectory Analysis Handbook
What is defined as the lowest concentration in air that most humans can detect by smell? Odor threshold
Form number for a NOFI? CG-5549
Angle of boom to prevent entrainment at 1 knot? 45 deg Cite: ExxonMobil Oil Spill Response Field Manual
Maximum penetration of oil in medium- to coarse-grained sand beaches? 20 cm Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 93
Maximum penetration of oil in fine-grained sand? 10 cm Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 92
Maximum penetration of oil in mixed sand and gravel beaches? 50 cm Cite: NOAA Shoreline Assessment Manual pg. 94
When did sea time originally begin accruing? 01FEB94
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