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Module F (Quizlet 7)

Technical Escort - CRT Operations

Where will heavy munitions leak from? Fuze wells, filler plugs, seams, etc
Where will light munition leak from? Anywhere
How do you confirm a leak with a single munition? M8 paper, ICAM or LCD (JCAD)
How do you confirm a leak with multiple munition Separate non-leaking from leaking munitions, if there is no liquid: a vapor test is required. If there is liquid, each item must decontaminated prior to vapor test
How do you package a non-leaker munition? May require decontamination and movement if liquid leak occurred and require a single layer of packaging
How do you package a leaker munition? Must be sealed/packaged and requires two layers of packaging
What are the four factors to be considered for decontamination? Agent to be decontaminated, time available, type of surface contaminated and concentration of agent
What are the five ways to suppress leaks? Upright the munitions, tightening the lifting plugs, plugging holes, sealing with tape and cooling the munitions
What are the four way to seal a leak? Masking/adhesive tape, plaster of paris (POP), epoxy sealant and bag and go
What is the ideal sealing method for cracks and holes? Plaster of Paris (POP)
What are the 5 plastic packaging options? Plastic bags (6mil min), body bags, sheet plastic (6mil min), bubbled sheet plastic and additional tape required with plastic
What are the 3 munition packaging requirements Package on site, support inside container with cushioning material and continue monitoring throughout transport
What are the over pack requirements? Sturdy/airtight, non-reactive with decontamination agent and chemical agent and capable of encapsulating the entire munition
Step 1 to neutralize at the incident site? Prepare the materials needed for the method you have chosen
Step 2 to neutralize at the incident site? Prepare the site
Step 3 to neutralize at the incident site? Gross contamination
Step 4 to neutralize at the incident site? Apply the sealant
Step 5 to neutralize at the incident site? Decontamination and monitoring
Step 6 to neutralize at the incident site? Package the munition
Step 7 to neutralize at the incident site? Over pack the munition
Created by: JeromeTalley
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