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Module F (Quizlet 6)

Technical Escort - CRT Operations

Name an element of site characterization IEP will move through the structure in a clockwise movement, whatever level they begin on is designated as floor one, while in the structure the element will make radio checks with the command every five minutes
Name an element of site characterization Prepare a diagram/sketch of the structure
Name an element of site chatacterization Obtain a photographic representation of the layout
Name an element of site chatacterization Upon completion, IEP will place documentation into a zip lock bag and it will be processed with transload
What four things need to be established when developing a sample collection plan? Priorities of sample collection, timeline of sample collections, sample location sites and specific sample media
What are the five C's upon discovery of an IED? Confirm, clear, check, cordon and control
Confirm definition From a safe distance, that it is an IED
Clear definition Evacuate an area IAW SOP
Check definition For possible secondary IEDs
Cordon definition Establish cordon around site IAW SOP
Control definition Only allow EOD personnel to enter
What are the three functioning IEDs? Timed, victim operated and command
What are the components of an IED we will not collect? Initiator and main charge
Name characteristics of armed artillery Rotating bands scored with lands and grooves. fused and have scuff and scratches and they are not palletized
Name characteristics of armed mortars Missing powder charges, primers in tail assembly are struck and not in shipping containers
Name characteristics of armed bombs Not in an ammunition depot and not on an aircraft
Name characteristics of armed rockets Not in launch tube and missing fin retaining band
What visual indicators can be observed in possible chemical munitions? A filler plug
What are the three requirements for separating leaking from non-leaking munitions Identify the munition, locate the leak and confirm the leak
What four ways to identify munitions? Type of round, verify munitions has been rendered safe, special markings and determine the number of rounds involved
Created by: JeromeTalley
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