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Module F (Quizlet 5)

Technical Escort - CRT Operations

Step 1 on conducting IEP operations Occupy the assembly area by approaching the CBRN area from upwind and stop at a distance determine by SOP, ERG and higher command guidance
Step 2 on conducting IEP operations Set up CP while the rest of the team prepares their mission requirement
Step 3 on conducting IEP operations Decontamination team establishes hot line and set up Emergency Personal Decontamination Station (EPDS)
Step 4 on conducting IEP operations Conduct initially entry party operations
Step 5 on conducting IEP operations Place a collapsible sump or rolled large 6-mil bag on the ground/floor for a decontamination sump before entering the site
Step 6 on conducting IEP operations Conduct first entry monitoring (FEM) of the site to identify hazardous environment
Step 7 on conducting IEP operations Establish the extent of contamination in the area of operation
Step 8 on conducting IEP operations Mark safety hazards across and egress areas and/or render safe explosive hazards if necessary
Step 9 on conducting IEP operations Conduct site characterization
Step 10 on conducting IEP operations Develop sample collection plan
Step 11 on conducting IEP operations Based on METT-TC, the team leader will execute a COA
Step 12 on conducting IEP operations Sample collection team will collect sample in accordance to SOP
Step 13 on conducting IEP operations Prior to exiting the area, the team must communicate ahead to the decontamination station
Step 14 on conducting IEP operations Conduct sample packaging, documentation and transportation
Step 15 on conducting IEP operations Report continuously to higher throughout sampling management operations
Name two of the hazards to identify for first entry monitoring Determine oxygen levels and monitor UEL/LEL
Name two of the hazards to identify for first entry monitoring Determine volatile organic compounds (VOC) and radiological levels
What are the two methods of elimination? Neutralization and incineration
Neutralization definition Is to remove or lessen the hazardous properties of a substance
Incineration definition Is currently only conducted at a few locations
Created by: JeromeTalley
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