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The Brain

Frontal Lobe High Level Learning- helps weigh risks and rewards. Regulates emotions and thoughts with good connection to other areas of the brain
Parietal Lobe Connection- Communicates with other loves. Multitasks and is responsible for sensory integration. Activated each time a thought changes
Occipital Lobe Optical Processing- Tells you what you see
Temporal Lobe Auditory Processing- Tells you what you hear; Memory-Some auditory memory; Balance- helps keep your balance
Brain Stem Regulation- Helps regulate heart rate, breathing, sleeping and eating
Cerebellum Auto Pilot- Helps control coordination and balance. Enables talking, walking etc without thinking about it
nervous system Your ____ ____ coordinates everything you do.
nervous system Whether it is walking, breathing or thinking your ______ ______ is in control.
cell Your entire body is made up of small structures called ______
cells There are many different types of _____ in your body.
job Each cell plays an important _______ in keeping our body working
nerve cell or neuron The nervous system gets its name from its smallest part the ______ _______ or ________
neuron's The _______ job is to carry messages throughout the body
100 billion; brain There are over _____ ____ neurons located in the _______
carry messages What is the job of the neuron's?
spinal cord The ____ ____ starts at the bottom of the brain stem and run down the spine,
nerves The spinal cord is made up of a long bundle of _______
bones; skull The _____ of the spinal cord column surround the spinal cord and protect it; just like the ______ protects your brain
spinal cord The _____ ______ connects the nerves that travel all around the body to the brain
electrical signals These messages are actually tiny ____ ______ that can travel as fast as 200 miles per hour
brain; nervous system The ________ can be thought of as the control center or central computer for your ______ _______
controls; nervous system The nervous system ________ your entire body and works with the rest of the _______ _______ to send messages to and from different parts of your body
brain The _______ is made up of different parts that work together.
cerebellum, brain stem, front lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and temporal lobe Parts of the brain
two parts The nervous system is broken down into ____ _______
central nervous system (CNS) The _______ _______ _______ is made up of the brain and spinal cord
peripheral nervous system (PNS) The _____ _______ ______ is made up of bundles of neurons, called nerves that branch out to the rest of the body
Created by: Sugarrey1
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