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Module E (Quizlet 5)

Technical Escort - Radiological Operations

What are the limitations to the AN/VDR-2? Will only retain memory for 5 minutes after batteries are removed if MWO has not been done, after MWO memory stays indefinitely and has a 2 second detecting delay and reduced accuracy for 10 Gy/hr
What are the measuring gamma capabilities of the AN/VDR-2? Detects, measures, and displays dose rate from 0.01 Gy/hr to 100 Gy/hr
What are the measuring beta capabilities of the AN/VDR-2? Detects, measures and displays dose rate from 0.01 Gy/hr to 5cGy/hr
What are the measuring capabilities of the AN/VDR-2? Measres, stores and displays accumulated does (total does) from 0.01 Gy to 9.99 Gy and flashing to display measuring from 10 Gy/hr and above
What technology does AN/PDR-77 use? Geiger Muller for beta/gamma and scintillators for alpha/X-ray
What are capabilities of the AN/PDR-77? Contains X-ray probe, alpha paddle, auto ranging and designed to find fissile material dispersed from an incident involving nuclear weapons
What are the measuring alpha and beta capabilities of the AN/PDR-77? Detects, measures and displays dose rate from 0-999K CPM, 180 uCi/m2, 0-999K DPM/100 cm2, detects and displays level of beta radiation does rate from 0-999 mR/hr
What are the measuring gamma and x-ray capabilities of the AN/PDR-77? Detects, measures and displays dose rate from 0-999K mR/h and 0-999 CPM
What are the limitations of the AN/PDR-77? Requires multiple probes to detect different kinds of radiation
What technology does the identiFINDER use? Thallium-activated sodium iodide [NaI(Tl)] detector and geiger-muller tube
What are the capabilities of the identiFINDER? Provides gamma dose and dose rate, 74-item on-board library of radionuclides that can identify radioactive sources and waterproof
What are the limitations of the identiFINDER? Can not be serviced by the operator and 8 hour battery life
What kind of technology does the Victoreen use? Ion chamber
What are the capabilities of the Victoreen? Operating range is 0 mR/h to 50 R/h, warm-up time is less than one minute, autoranging and zeroing, responds to radiation in 2-8 secs, lithium cells provide 63V for 10 year life expectancy
What are the limitation of the Victoreen? Ion chamber is affected by pressure, provides over 200 hours battery life continuous with 9V batteries and has an accuracy reading of +- 10%
What kind of technology does the Ludum use? Geiger-Muller tube and scintillators
What are the capabilities of the Ludlum? Analog display supports an operating range of 0-200mR/hr for measuring gamma radiation and 0-660K counts per minute for alpha, beta, and gamma radiation
What are the limitations of the Ludlum? Response time is 4 to 22 seconds depending on the mode of operation, operation temp ranges from -20 to 50 degrees C and storage temp ranges from -40 to 65 degrees C
What are the three degrees of risk? Negligible, moderate and emergency
What are the two types of area monitoring? Periodic and continuous
Created by: JeromeTalley
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