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Module E (Quizlet 1)

Technical Escort - Radiological Operations

Nuclear Disablement Team operational focus To conduct site exploitation on nuclear and radiological related infrastructure and facilities in order to support WMD elimination and WMD offensive operations in support of CWMD counter proliferation operations
NDT's mission Rapidly, efficiently exploit & disable nuclear/radiological infrastructure & components outside the continental U.S. in permissive & uncertain environment to deny near-term reuse capability by enemy forces & facilitate follow-on WMD elimination operations
NDT capabilities Operating in CBRN-contaminated enviornments to conduct the recon, exploitation and disablement of radiological/nuclear infrastructure in support of WMD elimination operations, inside an isolated objective
NDT capabilities Operate independently or in conjunction with other technical experts to expedite site exploitation timelines
NDT capabilities Air and ground-based detection systems (access to this capability), exploit radiological and nuclear sites outside the continental US in uncertain environments
NDT capabilities Collect, package and evacuate radiological samples and WMD intelligence for forensic analysis, conduct the characterization and field confirmatory identification of radiological materals
NDT capabilities Advise commander on exposure guidance and transport/safeguard on-site nuclear/radiological material that near term threat to local populace or friendly forces
NDT capabilities Secure potential sources that could be used in radiological dispersal devices and radiation exposure devices
What are dependencies of NDTs? Intel analysis, support, life support, interpreters, technical linguists and area medical support
What are dependencies of NDTs? Area decontamination assets, engineer support, convoy security and logistic support
NDTs limitations Designed to operate OCONUS only, not a first responder unit, not equipped for consequence management operations
NDT limitations Will not recover, render-safe or respond to unconventional weapons
Common nuclear plants facilities Control Rooms, containment building, reactors, turbine building, fuel storage building and cooling towers
What are the two common reactor types? Pressurized water reactor and boiling water reactor
Pressurized water reactor definition Heat is transferred from the primary reactor coolant, which is liquid at high pressure, into a secondary circuit where steam is generated for the turbine
Boiling water reactor definition The steam is separated from the remaining water is steam separators positioned above the core and to the turbines, then condensed and recycled
What are the two types of cooling towers? Mechanical and natural draft
What are the functions of a cooling tower? Remove the latent heat vaporization in the condenser and remove decay heat while the reactor is shutdown
Spent duel pool definition Temporary storage area for months to decades, contains significant radiation hazard near the bottom and water provides radiation shielding and cooling medium
Dry casks definition Stored vertically or horizontally, serves as permanent storage vessels in place of geological repository
Created by: JeromeTalley
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