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Derm HPII SFU PAprog

Derm /HP spring 2006 SFU

Bates PhysicalExamTable 4-1 and 4-8
Circumscribed flat, non palpable changes in skin color. Small flat spot, up to 1.0 CM. Example: freckle, petechia Maculae: Woods Macule:Bates
Circumscribed, flat non palpable changes in skin color. Flat spot, 1.0CM or larger Patch
Circumscribed superficial elevation of skin formed by free fluid in a cavity within the skin layers, up to 1.0 cm; filled with serous fluid. Example: herpes simplex Vesicle
Circumscribed superficial elevations of the skin formed by free fluid in a cavity, within the skin layer, 1.0CM or larger. Example second-degree burn Bulla
Circumscribed superficial elevation filled with pus. Example: acne , impetigo Pustule
A flake of exfoliated epidermis. example: dandruff, dry skin, psoriasis scale
Linear crack in the skin. Example: athlete's foot Fissure
Palpable elevated solid mass up to 1.0 cm, example elevated Nevis Papule
Elevated superficial lesion, palpable ,1.0 cm or larger . Often for my coalescence of papules Plaque
Marblel ike lesion larger than 0.5 cm. Often deeper and firmer than papule. Nodule
Palpable, elevated solid mass, somewhat irregular relative to the transient superficial area of localized skin edema. Examples: insect bite, hives Weal
Loss of superficial epidermis; surface is moist but does not bleed. Example: ruptured chickenpox Erosion
Dried residue of serum, plus, or blood. Example impetigo Crust
Deep loss of epidermis or dermis; may bleed and scar, examples: Stasis ulcer on venous insufficiency, syphilitic chancre Ulcer
Thickening and roughing of the skin that with increased visibility of the normal skin furrows example: atopic dermatitis lichenification
Thinning of the skin with loss of the normal skin furrows, the skin looks shinier and more translucent than normal. Example arterial insufficiency Atrophy
And abrasion or scratch mark, it may be linear, or rounded as in a scratched insect bite. Excoriation
Replacement of destroyed tissue by fibrous tissue. May be thick and pink:hypertrophic. May be thin and white a hypotrophic but does not extend beyond the injured area. Scar
Created by: pnelson