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Module D VIII

Technical Escort - Biological Operations

Liquid dissemination pros Toxins may be water soluble, ready for dissemination upon harvest and less equipment regiments
Dry dissemination pros Agent disseminated as powder, more resilient(spores) and easy to disseminated
What are the three ways to do dry weaponization? Drying, milling and fluidizers
Drying is done by? Drying oven for spores, vegetative cells are freeze dried or lyophilized, and spray drier
Miling pros Makes agent into a fine powder, exists in a respirable range and easier to disseminate as a mailed package
Fluidizing pros Aids in dissemination by preventing cake of powders and allows agent to float much easier
What are the containerized material for dissemination? Improvised or vectors
What are the two ways to release material? Victim operated and command
What are examples of individual or small group targeting? Letters, packages, injections, contaminated food, water or agricultural products
What are examples of large gathering targeting? Aerosols sprayed from aircraft, trucks, explosive or nonexplosive munitions
Handle Held Assay (HHA) definition Simple, antibody-based test used to presumptively identify BWAs
How many agents can HHA detect? 8 different, vaccinia, ricin, tularensis, anthrax, yersinia pestis, brucella, botulism and SEB
What some features of HHA? One time use kit, inexpensive, reliable and easy to use
Antigen definition A foreign substance, that when introduced into a host organism, elicits an immune response in the form of an antibody
Polyclonal antibodies (Pabs) features Many different antibody clones grouped together and high cross-reactivity which leads to false positives
Monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) features A single antibody clone or type, no issues with cross-reactivity and yields poor sensitivity due to bind to one particular epitope on antigen's surface
What is on the HHA foil packaging information? Shelf life, lot number, package date, expiration date and spoil indicator black
What temperature does the HHA spoil indicator black turn black? 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
How long of a collection sample area is needed for HHA? 4 x 4 inches
What are the HHA ticket components? 8 individual tickets, desiccant packs, 50 mL conical tube, sample swabs, buffer solution and instruction card
Created by: JeromeTalley
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