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Module D VII

Technical Escort - Biological Operations

Infant botulism definition Results from intestinal colonization of organisms in infants younger than 1 year
What is the case fatality of ricinus communis? Mortality depends on dose
Staphylococcal entertoxin B transmission No person to person, ingestion of dairy products, inhalation and water soluble
Trichothecen (T-2) mycotoxin solubility Highly soluble in ethanol, methanol and propylene glycol and insoluble in water
What are the two ways to harvest a toxin? Filtration and sedimentation/decantation
What fluid is used for husk removal? Caustic solution
What can be used to extract oil? Solvents, pressing or soxhlet extractor
What can be used for toxin filtration A strong acid
What is the genetic material for viruses? DNA or RNA
Case fatality of varilola major 30%
Case fatality of viral hemorrhagic fevers 5-50% depending on virus
Case fatality for Eastern Equine Encephalitis 33% and many suffer brain damage
Case fatality for Western EE 3%, 5-30% of young patients
Case fatality of Venezuelan EE Fatalities are rare
What are the three virus production methods? Embryonated chicken egg, tissue/cell culture and VP in live animals
WAVE bioreactor definition A single use or disposable bioreactor with a disposable bag instead of a culture vessel
Bioreactor definition Any apparatus in which a biological reaction or process is carried out
Dissemination definition Intentional release of a biological agent by an adversary so that will affect target personnel in a viable and virulent state
What are the dissemination methods? Aerosol, liquid and dry
What are the pros to aerosol dissemination? Difficult to detect, capability of penetration, difficult to diagnose due to flu-like symptoms, increased severity, mortality rate and susceptibility
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