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Module D VI

Technical Escort - Biological Operations

Brucellosis routes of infection Ingestion by raw milk, inhalation from pens, stables and slaughter houses, direct contact which is rare and direct inoculation from tick bites
Brucellosis abortus reservoir Cattle
Brucellosis melitensis reservoir Goats and sheep
Brucellosis suis reservoir Swine
Brucellosis canis reservoir Dogs
Brucellosis case fatality 2%
What three steps may need to be repeated to achieve isolation during bacteria production? Inoculation of agar plates, incubation and verification
What three conditions do incubators control? Temperature, humidity and aerobic vs anaerobic
What two pieces of equipment confirm verification? Hand held assays or microscopes
Isolation definition Culture from unwanted organisms, requires nutrients to survive such as carbohydrates, protein/amino acid source, salts, vitamins and minerals
Fermentation definition Process by which the living cell is able to obtain energy through the breakdown of glucose and other simple sugar molecules
Lag phase definition of bacteria growth Copies of DNA are replicated
Exponential or log phase definition of bacteria growth Bacteria multiply rapidly through binary fission
Stationary phase definition of bacteria growth Bacteria growth begins to slow down
Death phase definition of bacteria growth Bacteria are unable to reproduce
What are three ways to harvest from bacteria? Filtration, sedimentation/decantation and centrifugation
What do toxins derive from? Fungi, algae, plants and bacteria
What are three forms of disease for clostridium botulinum? Food borne, wound botulism and infant botulism
Food borne botulism definition Ingestion of performed toxin in foods that have not been canned or preserved properly
Wound botulism definition Systemic spread of toxin produced by organisms inhabiting wounds like traumas, surgery, subcutaneous heroin injection and sinusitis from intranasal cocaine abuse
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