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non Word Parts

chp 7

trichomoniasis a sexually transmitted disease caused by a one-cell organism
syphilis chronic infection caused by the bacterium treponema pallidum
sterilization process that renders an individual unable to produce
prothesis an artificial replacement of an absent body part
orgasm climax of sexual stimulation
homosexual person who is attracted to the same sex
heterosexual person who is attracted to the opposite sex
gonorrhea contagious inflammatory sexually transmitted disease caused by bacterial organism
gonads male and female sex glands
genital herpes sexually transmitted disease caused by herpes simplex
ejaculation ejection of semen from the male urethra
condom cover for the penis worn during coitus
coitus sexual intercourse
chlamydia a sexually transmitted disease:painful urination, discharge from the penis
artificial insemination introduction of semen in to the vagina by artificial means
digital rectal examination(DRE) a physical examination in which the physician inserts finger into the rectum
prostate specific antigen(PSA) a blood test that measures the level o prostate specific antigen in the blood
transrectal ultrsound an ultrasound procedure used to diagnose prostate cancer
transurethral resection of the prostate gland(TURP) successive pieces of the prostate gland tissue are resected by using a resectoscope
transurethral microwave thermotherapy(TUMT) a treatment tha eliminates excess tissue present in benign prostatic hyperplasia by using heat generated by microwaves
transurethral incision of the prostate gland(TUIP) a surgical procedure that widens the urethra
suprapubic prostatectomy excision of the prostate gland through abdominal incision made above the pubic bone
radical prostatectomy(RP) excision of the prostate gland used to treat prostate cancer
hydrocelectomy surgical removal of a hydrocele
circumcision surgical removal of the prepuce
varicocele enlarged veins of the spermatic cord
testicular torsion twisting of the spermatic cord
testicular carcinoma cancer of testicle
prostate cancer cancer of the prostate gland
priapism persistent abnormal erection accompanied by pain and tenderness
phimosis a tightness of the prepuce that prevents its retraction over the glans penis
hydrocele scrotal swelling caused by a collection of fluid
erectile dysfunction(ED) inability to attain or maintain an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse(impotence)
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