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Medical Lang Intro

Bb, Cc, Dd, Ff, Gg, Hh, Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss, Tt, Vv, Ww, Xx, Zz Consonants
Medical language Medical terminology
Prefix Beginning of a term
Combining form Root word
Suffix End of a term
-emia Blood condition
Glyc/o Sugar
Hypo- Below or deficient
Hyper- Excessive
Hyper- glyc/o -emia Blood condition of excessive sugar
Hypo- glyc/o -emia Blood condition of deficient sugar
Derm/o Skin
-ic Pertaining to
Hypo- derm/o -ic Pertaining to below the skin
Pre- Before
Nat/i Birth
-al Pertaining to
Pre- nat/i -al Pertaining to before birth
Post- After
Prandi/o Meals
Post- prandi/o -al Pertaining to after meals
A- No
Men/o Menstrual
-rrhea Flow
Ox/o Oxygen
Hypo- ox/o -emia Blood condition of deficient oxygen
Gastr/o Stomach
Epi- -gastr/o -ic Pertaining to above the stomach
Supra- Above
Ren/o Kidney(s)
Supra- ren/o -al Pertaining to above the kidney(s)
Sub- Below
Nas/o Nose
Sub- nas/o -al Pertaining to below the nose
Infra- Below
Clavicul/o Clavicle
Infra- clavicul/o -ar Pertaining to below the clavicle
Uni- One
Ocul/o Eye
Uni- ocul/o -ar Pertaining to one eye
Bi- Two
Later/o Sides
Bi- later/o -al Pertaining to two sides
Tri- Three
Foc/o Foci
Tri- foc/o -al Pertaining to 3 foci
Quadri- Four
Pleg/o Paralysis
Quadri- pleg/o -ic Pertaining to paralysis of 4
Peri- Around
Oste/o Bone
-itis Inflammation
Peri- oste/o -itis Inflammation around the bone
Circum- Around
Cis/o Cutting
-ion Process of
Circum- cis/o -ion Process of cutting around
In- In
In- cis/o -ion Process of cutting in
Ex- Out
Ex- cis -ion Process of cutting out
Chole- Gall
Cyst/o Bladder
-ectomy Surgical removal
Chole- cyst/o -ectomy Surgical removal of the gall bladder
An- No
Esthesi/o Feeling or nervous sensation
-logy Study of
Phas/o Speech
Phas/o Speech
A- phas/o -ic Pertaining to no speech
Dys- Difficult or painful
Phag/o Swallowing
-ia Condition of
Dys- phag/o -ia Condition of difficult or painful swallowing
Endo- Within
Trache/o Trachea aka windpipe
Endo- trache/o -al Pertaining to within the trachea
Muscul/o Muscle
Intra- muscul/o -ar Pertaining to within muscle
Inter- Between
Vertebr/o Vertebrae
Inter- vertebr/o -al Pertaining to between the vertebrae
Retro- Behind
Stern/o Sternum
Retro- stern/o -al Pertaining to behind the the sternum
Trans- Across or through
Vagin/o Vagina
Trans- vagin/o -al Pertaining to across the vagina
Semi- Half
Circul/o Circle
-ar Pertaining to
Semi- circul/o -ar Pertaining to half a circle
Brady- Slow
Card/o Heart (pulse)
Brady- card/o -ia Condition of slow heart
Anti- Against
Bacteri/o Bacteria
Anti- bacteri/o -al Pertaining to against bacteria
Contra- Against
Cept/o Conception
Contra- cept/o -ion Process against conception
Ovum Egg
Spermatozoon Individual sperm
Fertilization Joining of an ovum and spermatozoon
Electro- Electrical activity
Cardi/o Heart
-gram Record of
Electro- cardi/o -gram Record of electrical activity in the heart
-graph Machine to record
Electro- cardi/o -graph Machine to record electrical activity in the heart
-graphy Process of recording
Electro- cardi/o -graphy Process of recording electrical activity in the heart
Echo- Sound
Echo- cardi/o -gram Record of the heart using sound
Echo- cardi/o -graph Machine to record the heart using sound
Echo- cardi/o -graphy Process of recording the heart using sound
Thyroid/o Thyroxin
-ism Condition of
Pre- hypo- thyroid/o -ism Condition of before a deficiency of thyroxin
Micro- Small
Bi/o Life
-ist Specialist
Micro- bi/o -logy -ist Specialist in the study of small life
Anti- micro- bi/o -al Pertaining to against small life
Fung/i Fungi
-cide Killing
Fung/i -cide -al Pertaining to killing fungi
Onc/o Tumor (cancer)
-gen Creation
Onc/o -gen -ic Pertaining to tumor creation
Tachy- Fast
-pnea Breathing
Tachy- -pnea Fast breathing
Dipl- Double
-opia Vision
Dipl- -opia Double vision
-plasia & -trophy Growth or development
A- -plasia & -trophy No growth or development
Hyper- -plasia & -trophy Excessive growth or development
Neo- New
-plasia & -plasm Growth or development
Neo- -plasia & -plasm New growth or development
Poly- Excessive
-uria Urination
Poly- -uria Excessive urination
Multi- Many
-par Live births
-ous Pertaining to
Multi- -par -ous Pertaining to many live births
Hemi- Half
-paresis Paralysis
Hemi- -paresis Partial paralysis of the right or left half of the body
Neur/o Nerve
Tox/o Poison
My/o Muscle
Metri/o Uterus
My/o metri/o -al Pertaining to the muscle layer of the uterus
Phono/o Sound
Phob/o Sensitivity
Phono/o phob/o -ia Condition of sensitivity to sound
Leuk/o White
Cyt/o Cells
-penia Deficiency
Erythr/o Red
Erythr/o cyt/o -osis Deficiency of red cells
-osis Abnormal condition of
Nephr/o Kidney
Lith/o Stone(s)
-iasis Abnormal condition
Nephr/o lith/o -iasis Abnormal condition of kidney stone(s)
Coagul/o Clotting
Path/o Disease
-y Condition of
Coagul/o path/o -y Condition of clotting disease
Vascul/o Blood vessel(s)
Cardi/o vascul/o -ar Pertaining to the heart and blood vessels
Hepat/o Liver
Splen/o Spleen
-megaly Enlargement
Hepat/o splen/o -megaly Enlargement of the liver and spleen
Vas/o Blood vessel
-spasm Involuntary muscle contraction
Angi/o Blood vessels
-rrhexis Rupture
Hem/o Blood
-rrhage & -rrhagia Rapid flow
Hem/o -rrhage & -rrhagia Rapid flow of blood
Hemat/o Blood
-emesis Vomiting
Hemat/o -emesis Vomiting blood
Arthr/o Joint
-centesis Surgical puncture
Arthr/o -centesis Surgical puncture of a joint
Cephal/o Head
-algia Ache or pain
Cephal/o -algia Headache
Thorac/o Thorax
-dynia Pain
Thorac/o -dynia Pain in the thorax
Col/o Colon
-tome Surgical instrument to cut
Col/o -tome Surgical instrument to cut the colon
-tomy Incision
Col/o -tomy Incision of the colon
-stomy Artificial opening
Col/o -stomy Artificial opening into the colon
Append/o Appendix
Append/o -ectomy Surgical removal of the appendix
Lapar/o Abdomen
-scope Lighted instrument to view
Lapar/o -scope Lighted instrument to view the abdomen
-scopy Process of using a lighted instrument to view
Lapar/o -scopy Process of using a lighted instrument to view the abdomen
Rhin/o Nose
-plasty Surgical repair
Rhin/o -plasty Surgical repair of the nose
Mast/o Breast
-pexy Surgical fixation
Mast/o -pexy Surgical fixation of the breast
Thromb/o Clot(s)
-lysis & -lytic Break up or destruction
Thromb/o -lysis & -lytic Break up or destruction of clot(s)
Herni/o Hernia
-rrhaphy Suturing
Herni/o -rrhaphy Suturing of a hernia
-cele Herniation
Cyst/o -cele Herniation of the urinary bladder
Blephr/o Eyelid
-ptosis Prolapse
Arteri/o Artery
-stenosis Narrowing (stricture)
Arteri/o -stenosis Narrowing of an artery
Therm/o Heat
-meter Instrument to measure
Therm/o -meter Instrument to measure heat
Pelv/i Pelvis
-metry Measuring
Pelv/i -metry Measuring the pelvis
Lip/o Fat
-ase Enzyme
Myel/o Bone marrow
-oid Resembling
Lith/o Stone(s)
-tripsy Crushing
Lith/o -tripsy Crushing stone(s)
Arteri/o Artery
Arteri/o -ole Small artery
Ven/o Vein
-ule Small
Psych/o Mind
-iatry Treatment of
Psych/o -iatry Treatment of the mind
Albin/o White
Albin/o -ism Condition of white skin
Melan/o Black
-oma Tumor
Melan/o -oma Black tumor
Cyan/o Blue
Cyan/o -osis Abnormal condition of blue
Cirrh/o Yellow
Cirrh/o -osis Abnormal condition of yellow skin
ic, ac, al, ar, ary, eal, ical, ine, ior, ory, ual, tic, & ous Pertaining to
Anorexic pertaining to No appetite
Viral pertaining to Virus
Lobar pertaining to Lobe aka section or part
Celiac pertaining to Belly or guy
Salivary pertaining to Saliva
Pharyngeal pertaining to Pharynx aka throat
Psychological pertaining to Study of the mind
Palatine pertaining to Palate (oral roof)
Exterior pertaining to Outside
Auditory pertaining to Hearing
Visual pertaining to Vision
Acoustic pertaining to Sound
Cutaneous pertaining to Skin
a plural ae
ax plural aces
en plural ina
is plural es
ix plural ices
ex plural ices
on plural a
um plural a
us plural I
y plural ies
Superior Upper or above
Inferior Below or under
Anterior Front
Posterior Back
Anteroposterior Front to back
Posteroanterior Back to front
Proximal Beginning
Distal End
Medial Middle
Lateral Side
Supine Lying on back
Prone Lying on stomach
Superior right and left regions Hypochondriac regions
Medial right and left regions Lumbar regions
Inferior right and left regions Iliac regions
Superior medial region Epigastric region
Medial region Umbilical region
Inferior medial region Hypogastric region
RUQ right upper quadrant
RLQ Right lower quadrant
LUQ Left upper quadrant
LLQ Left lower quadrant
Cranial cavity Inside the cranium aka skull
Spinal cavity Inside the vertebrae
Thoracic cavity Inside the thorax
Abdominal cavity Inside the abdomen
Pelvic cavity Inside thehips
Created by: Zanafarrell
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