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Module C (Quizlet) 6

Technical Escort - Chemical Operations

What are the different types of samples? Environment, CBRN, matrix, background, blank and medical
What are the two sample collection techniques? Grab and composite sampling
What are the three strategies of sampling? Random, systematic and judgmental/selective
Environment sample definition Removed from common natural materials, such as water, soil or vegetation
CBRN sample definition Includes chemical, biological, radiological warfare agents and toxic industrial materials (TIMs)
Background sample definition Collected away from the source area to isolate the effects of the source or site on the sampling process
Blank sample definition A collection item that is taken to the field for a collection mission, but it is not used
Medical sample definition Specimen is taken from animals or humans suspected of being infected with a biological agent
Grab sample definition A sample removed at a single point in time from one location
Composite sample definition Samples are taken at multiple locations at one time or at one location over a course of time and then combined together
Random sampling definition An unmethodical sampling of the target
Systematic sampling definition An objective strategy where samples are taken at predetermined intervals
Judgmental or selective sampling definition A subjective strategy where sites are selected based on the assessment or determination of the sampling team
What type of gloves should be used for chemical samples? Nitrile gloves
What type of gloves should be used for biological samples? Nitrile or latex gloves
What kind of jar should you place chemical samples in? A glass jar
What dimensions of fabric should be cut for clothing and upholstery samples? 3 1/2" by 3 1/2"
What dimensions of carpet should be cut for sampling? 1 1/2" by 1 1/2"
What are the two common tools used to sample drums? Glass thief and COLIWASA sampler
What does COLIWASA sampler stand for? Composite liquid waste sampler
Created by: JeromeTalley
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