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Disorders of the male and female reproductive system

Cryptorchidism failure of testis to descend into the scrotum.
Testicular torsion occurs when the testis rotates within the scrotum, twisting the spermatic cord and interfering with the testis's blood supply.
Hernia rupture, refers to the abnormal protrusion of an organ or organ part through the wall of the cavity in which it is normally contained.
Inguinal hernia occurs when a congenital weakness in the abdominal wall allows a portion of the small intestine to pass through the inguinal canal into the scrotum.
Phimosis a tightness of the foreskin (prepuce) so that it cannot be drawn back.
Prostatitis inflammation of the prostate gland.
Epididymitis inflammation of the epididymis
Orchitis inflammation of the testis
Genital herpes Fluid filled vesicles on and around the genitalia (caused by a virus)
Syphilis caused by a spirochete , systemic disorder that is treated with antibiotics.
Oligospermia low sperm count
Vasectomy cutting and tying tubes of carrying gametes
Amenorrhea absence of the menses
Dysmenorrhea painful or difficult menstruation
Abnormal uterine bleeding excessive menstrual flow (menorrhagia), too frequent menstruation
Endometriosis growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) a condition characterized by physical and emotional symptoms occurring one to two weeks before the menstrual period.
Fibroids myomas, common tumors of the uterus.
Hysterectomy removal of uterus
Genital warts warts on genitals caused by HPV
Salpingitis inflammation of any tube.
Pelvic inflammatory disease extension of infections from the reproductive organs into the pelvic cavity.
Sterility condition of being sterile
BRCA 1 gene mutation breast cancer gene
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