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Module C (Quizlet) 4

Technical Escort - Chemical Operations

Name purposes of sampling is done after search and survey is completed and samples are required or the contaminate cannot be determined
Name purposes of sampling is done when biological agents are suspected, proof of use is needed
What are the roles of the reconnaissance team? Identification, characterization, render-safe procedures, securing material for sampling/exploitation and establishing sump at entrance to target area/site
What is the composition of a reconnaissance team? 3 EOD technicians or 2 EOD technicians and a CBRN sample team leader
What is the composition of a sampling team? team leader, clean person and dirty person
Name sample team leader responsibilities Develop a sampling plan, make team assignment, brief the sampling team and coordinate with IC or command post to control access to sampling scene
Name sample team leader responsibilities Create a target are/site sketch, review/take videos and photographs of sampling site, prioritize sampling locations and designate clean-person setup location
Name sample team leader responsibilities Record data (monitor readings, sample/container numbers), ensure unit sampling SOP is followed and coordinate with other agencies
Name clean person responsibilities Responsible for sampling bad, disseminates sampling tools to dirty person, receives samples from dirty person and performs final packaging of samples
Name dirty person responsibilities Inspects sample area, informs clean person of tools and equipment required and determines the need for and establishes a clean work-area
Name dirty person responsibilities Performs sampling, conducts clean-up of sampling materials/trash, last to leave target area/site and first through decon site
What is the minimum number of personnel allowed to sample on a target site/area? 2 personnel and clean person assumes team leader responsibilities
What is the recommended number of personnel needed to sample on a target site/area? 3 personnel
How many layers of containment are needed for a chemical sample? 2 layers of containment
How many layers of containment are needed for a biological sample? 3 layers of containment
What should be used as a last resort to cool a sample? Standard ice
What can you use to seal sample containers? Parafilm and CHEM tape
What types of samples should be stored in a glass jar/tube? DNA, small environmental samples, autopsy specimens and toxic agents (toxins can alter plastics and introduce cross contamination)
What types of samples should be stored in a polypropylene tubes? Blood, urine and other medical specimens
What four pieces of information should be labeled on a sample? Date, sample sequence number (3 digit number), UIC and sampler identification (3 letters to represent first and last name initials)
Created by: JeromeTalley