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Veh. ID SG

T-80 "Wavy 80" 125mm: 3000m AT-8 Songster: 4000m • GNR night optic ls of main gun • Samurai armor • 8 fingers of death Double cheek fuel tanks
T-90 125mm: 3000m AT-11b Sniper: 5000m • Double optical jammer turret lights • Dozer blade • V shape turret • Exhaust on ls • Step add- armor
BMP-2 30mm: 1500m AT-5 Spandrel: 4000m • Double optical jammer turret lights • Dozer blade • V shape turret • Exhaust on ls Step add- armor
BMP-3 30mm: 2000m 100mm HE & AT-10 Stabber: 4000m • Dbl Bow guns • Square rear • Dbl barrel turret Split rear seating w/ basement doors
BMD-2 30mm: 1200m AT-5 Spandrel: 4000m • Slope rear • Track rollers • Bow gun rs only Two tiny bullet blades
BMD-3 30mm: 1200m AT-5 Spandrel: 4000m • 3 canister rs turret • Square rear • Duck bill • Truck bed
BTR-70 14.5mm: 2000m • Between tire doors, small Sloped rear exhaust
BTR-80 14.5mm: 2000m • Between tire doors, large • Flat rear exhaust
Type 96 125mm: 3000m 12.7mm: 1800m • Sharp track skirt w/ foot holds • Dbl turret grenades • Boxed turret sides • DVR sits ls
Type 99 125mm: 3000m AT-11b Sniper: 5000m • VC separate optics • Turret w/ DVR exit cut out • DVR sits ctr.
Type 97 30mm: 2000m 100mm HE & AT-10 Stabber: 4000m • Dual front exhaust screen on rs • White wall wheels • 2 man flat top turret • GNR optic top R of turret • Exhuast on rs center Dbl rear hydro
ZBL 09 30mm: 2000m Red Arrow-8: 4000m • Caged headlights • Individual White wall 8x8 Dbl propellers in rear
CHALLENGER 2 120mm: 4000m 7.62mm: 900m • Gunner optic box on main gun • Independent VC viewer • Sharp turret front • Exhaust directly behind turret both sides
WARIOR 30mm: 1500m 7.62mm: 900m • Bunny ear optics • Side crew escape hatch • Exhaust on rs • Square rear stowage
LEOPARD 2 102mm: 4000m 7.62mm: 900m • Long turret • 7 wheel set • Heater exhaust AND engine exhaust
PUMA 30mm: 3000m 5.56mm: 800m • Exhaust grill rs • Remote turret • GNR optic next to main gun, VC optic on turret top • Rear Drop ramp
GTK BOXER 12.7mm: 1800m 40mm: 2212m • Sharp front w/ boxy back • Hull separator between 8x8 • Ballistic driver 'loft' for open hatch • RWS/ manual top side weapon
LECLERC 120mm: 3000m 12.7mm: 1800m • 'Shriner hat' VC optic • GNR optic rs of main gun • MRS collimator • Modular armor panels
VBCI 25mm: 3000m 7.62mm: 900m • VC hatch ls • Bag add on • Rear smoke grenades • Hammerhead front
K1A1 120mm: 4000M .50cal 1800m • GNR optic rs of main gun • VC rs of turret w/ independent optic • Dbl rear exhaust • Gear cage on rear of turret
K21 40mm: 3000m 7.62mm: 900m • Dbl ATGM launchers • Trim folds from btm • Drop trp ram WITH door • Side pontoons
M1A1 ABRAMS 120mm: 4000m .50cal: 1800m • DVR hatch centered • Angular slab turret • Turbine rear exhaust
M2/M3 BRADLEY 25mm: 2000m TOW: 3750m • DVR hatch ls • VC periscope RS of turret
LAV-25 COYOTE 25mm: 2000m 7.62mm: 900m • Muffler exhaust on rs • Boat haul w/ trim vane • Propellers
STRYKER M1126 ICV .50cal: 1800m 40mm MK19: 2212m • RWS • DVR ls of haul • Exhaust frt rs
AAV .50cal: 1800m 40mm MK19: 2212 m • Ribbed armor add on • Off set dual gun turret • Exhaust ls behind DVR bubble
M-ATV .50cal : 1800m 40mm MK19: 2212m • It's a MATV
MI-24P HIND-F 30mm: 4000m AT-6 Spiral: 5000m • Re-tractable landing • Nipple air in-take • Dbl bubble cockpit
MI-28 HAVOC 30mm: 3000m AT-6 Spiral: 5000m • Mickey Mouse nose • Engine exhaust on sides of fuselage • Under mount chain gun • Short side wings
KA-52 HOKUM-B 30mm: 3000m AT-9 Vikhr: 10,000m • Jet helicopter • Not tail rotor • Side by side cockpit • Double rotors
Z-10 30mm: 3000m HJ-10: 8000m • Angular tandem cockpit • Sleek exhaust • Target system in nose
EC-665 TIGER 30mm: 4000m HOT: 4000m • Angular step cockpit • Radar ball topper - SOME • H stabilizer tail • Dual centered exhaust under rotors
AH-64 APACHE 30mm: 4000m Hellfire: 8000m • Smooth step cockpit • Dual air inlet • Non-ball radar nose • Fixed landing
AH-1 COBRA 20mm: 2000m Helfire: 8000m • Skid landing • Tandem in-line cockpit • Exhaust over tail center
T-72 125mm: 3000m AT-11 Sniper: 4000m • IR light rs of main gun • Grenade launcher array ls of main gun • Reactive brick armor • Fuel can tail
Created by: Atxvan
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