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Module B (Quizlet) 6

Technical Escort - Confined Space Operations

Tensionless Hitch definition This hitch is used to secure a rope around object(preferably rounded and many times the rope's diameter for maximum efficiency) without tying a knot.
Dynamic rope definition Fiber bundles twisted in a way that reduces spin - stretches to absorb shock. Use dynamic ropes(or static ropes with a shock absorber for dynamic effect) whenever a person is working above the anchor attachment (20% stretch w 220lb load)
Static rope definition Fiber bundles continuous taut parallel fibers - no twist- minimal stretch. This is the construction method of choice for structural/industrial forms of rescue (5% with a 220lb load)
What is the order of incidents causing traumatic injury? Falls, dropped equipment and structural collapse
Where should you place the PCD on a MA? On the most upward traveling line
Entrant responsibilities Using necessary equipment for entry and keep open communication with attendant
Entrant responsibilities Alerting the attendant of any problems with entry, and exits the PRCS as required
Attendant responsibilities Know the effects of exposure to hazards associated, and maintain accountability of all authorized entrants
Attendant responsibilities Remain outside of the PRCS for the duration of entry and maintain visual or voice contact with entrants throughout entry operations
Attendant responsibilities Constantly monitors inside and outside of the PRCS during entry and orders evacuation of entrants when required
Created by: JeromeTalley