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Module B (Quizlet) 4

Technical Escort - Confined Space Operations

Confined Spaces definition Large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter to perform assigned work, limited or restricted in its means of entry, exit and not designed for continuous employee occupancy
Permit required confined spaces definition Contains or has the potential to contain hazardous atmosphere, contains a material that has the potential for engulfing the entrant
Permit required confined spaces definition (cont) Has an internal configuration that an entrant could be trapped or asphyxiated by inwardly converging walls or by floors, and contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazards
What are three ways to identify authorized entrants? Name, roster and tracking system
What are the two additional permits required for PRCS? Hot Work permit and Line Breaking permit
Hot work permit definition Use of equipment capable of providing a source of ignition
Line Breaking permit definition Intentional opening of a pipe, line or duct that is or has been carrying flammable, corrosive or toxic material, an inert gas or fluid at a volume, pressure or temperature capable of causing injury
What are the four positions for PRCS Entry Positions? Entrant, attendant, entry supervisor and rescue service or team
How do you determine Hazards in a confined space? Personal knowledge or experience, physical observation and testing/monitoring
What are three general classes of hazards in a confined space? Engulfment, mechanical or atmospheric
What are the three primary hazards in a confined space? Asphyxiating, flammable and toxic
What are the five factors when assessing a hazard? Proper equipment for hazard, equipment calibrated, assessment of all surrounding areas of AO, record all readings and time logged and comparing reading with permissible for the hazards identified
What are the two distinct purposes for atmospheric testing? Evaluation of hazard, and verification of acceptable entry conditions into a PRCS
What order should PRCS be monitored in? Oxygen, flammables and then toxics
Oxygen deficient definition Concentration below 19.5%
Oxygen enriched definition Concentration above 23.5% at sea level
Flashpoint definition Temperature at which a flammable liquid gives off enough vapor to to form an ignitable mixture
Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) definition Too lean to burn, and will alarm at 10%
Upper Explosive Limit (UEL) definition Too rich to burn, combustible gas/air
Flammability Range definition Range between the LEL and UEL of a combustible vapor or liquid
What are the three types of rescue for PRCS? Self-rescue, non-entry and entry
Created by: JeromeTalley
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