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Module B (Quizlet) 3

Technical Escort - Confined Space Operations

Load Releasing Hitches (LRH) Often placed in line with TPB systems to release a bound and loaded prusik
Vector definition Changing the primary rope system by pushing down, lifting up or pulling it to the side in order to place the load on the primary system
Single Line Lowering System definition Employs one rope attached to an object to be lowered, usually either a harness or a litter
Rappel system difference from a lowering system? Rappel system uses an anchored (fixed rope) with a traveling brake (the descent control device)
Lowering system difference from a rappel system? Lowering system uses an anchored (fixed brake) with a traveling rope (the lowering line)
What are the manpower requirements a single line lowering system? 4 man team (a team leader, brakeman, tag man and belay man)
Team leader definition Responsible for having system checked before allowing life loading and communicating with the brakeman for lowering operations
Brakeman definition Person operating the descent control device
Tag man definition Person responsible for operating tag lines to keep lead from contacting obstacles or projections
Belay man definition Responsible for minding the belay system
What are the atmospheric hazards? Oxygen enrichment, flammability and toxicity die to introduced products or materials (TICs/TIMs)
Rescue definition Initial response, in an all-out effort, to conduct lifesaving operations
Recovery definition Patient survivability is deemed to low and where the risk to rescue personnel is deemed too high
Rigid litter definition Basket or stokes litters usually made of structural metal or combinations of metal and plastic components
Flexible litter definition Made of flexible high-tech plastic components which allow the victim to be reduced to his or her lowest profile for passing through narrow openings (SKED)
Mechanical Advantage definition Simply a way of reducing the amount of force required to lift a load and usually expressed in ratio the weight of the load as compared to the force required to lift it
What are the two types of Mechanical Advantage Systems? Simple and compound systems
Simple rope/pulley definition a rope mechanical advantage system containing a single rope and one or more moving pulleys
Progress Capture Device (PCD) This device is nothing more than a rope grab placed in the system to act as a progress capturing device
Compound MA systems definition A system created by stacking the load end of one or more simple systems onto the haul line of another to multiply the forces created by the individual simple systems
Created by: JeromeTalley
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