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Module B (Quizlet) 2

Technical Escort - Confined Space Operations

What are the limitations of a large locking D carabiner? Over 10,000 lbf minimum braking strength (major axis gate closed)
Descender Rack (break bar) definition A friction or mechanical device utilized with rope to control descent
Descender Rack (break bar) limitations 4 bars for one person and 6 bars for two people
Figure 8 plate limitations Limit use for one person loads and minimum breaking strength well over 6,000 lbf
What is the NFPA classification for "Ascending Devices"? Loads up to 300 lbs
What is the NFPA classification for "Grab Devices"? Loads over 300 to 600 lbs
What is a soft rope grab? A rope on rope safety aka Prusik Hitch
Mechanical rope grab defintion A rope safety constructed from aircraft alloys or stainless stell
Benefits of pulley use Reduces rope friction, develop mechanical advantage in rope/pulley hauling systems and redirects path of a rope
What is the minimum breaking strength for Prusik Minding Pulleys(PMPs)? 8,000 lbf and 10,000 lbf
Rigging definition The assembly of rope, webbing, and hardware used to form anchoring and associated rope rescue systems
Carabiner (D-ring) limitations Minor axis is 2,400 lbf, major axis with gate open is 2,400 lbf and major axis with gate closed is 9,000 lbf
Bombproof definition Anchor points that are so strong, that if they were to fail, it would be due to a catastrophic event, examples are tsunami or hurricane
What are the two multiple-point anchor system classifications? Load sharing anchor systems or load distributing (load equalizing) anchor systems
Load sharing anchor system example Environmental structures, examples are are trees
Load distributing (or load-equalizing) anchor systems example Urbanized or industrial structures
What are the left and right limits of the Critical angle Minimum is 60 degrees, maximum is 120 degrees, and last resort is 150 degrees (not recommended)
What is the general rigging precaution when inspecting ropes? When in doubt, throw it out
Does strength of the anchor point increase, decrease or stay the same with an increase in the amount of pulls? The strength increase due to only losing strength once with the ring bend
Tandem Prusik Belay System definition This system is unconditional, and works by attaching an anchored belay device to a separate rope which is also attached to the load. Should anything go wrong with the primary system, the belay device will operate to arrest the fall
Created by: JeromeTalley
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