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Advocate To argue or plead for
Beleaguered Troubled with many problems
Benefaction Gift or assistance
Botanical Relating to plants
Chaotically Disorderly
Clime Climate Area
Compulsion Forced Obligation
Consensus An agreement
Defiantly Loudly, rebelliously
Denizen A Resident
Discrete Made up of separate things
Discriminate To separate into categories
Dissenters One who disagrees
Diverse Made up of different people or things
Dogma Principles or beliefs that an authority insists are true
Domain Sphere of activity
Enhance To make better
Enunciate Pronounce clearly
Ephemeral Short lived plants
Evolve To change or develop
Explicit Clearly stated
Faciliate Make something easier
Fluent Expressing oneself easily
Implicit Understood, not expressed
Incendiary Flammable
Infer Deduce from evidence
Orthodoxy Traditionally accepted customs
Perfunctory Done without enthusiasm
Petulantly In a grouchy way
Plaintively Sadly or wistfully
Poignant Emotionally moving or stimulating
Pollinate To fertilize
Precipitous Sudden and rapid
Profusely Plentifully
Prognosticate Forecast or predict
Propagate Reproduce
Proximity Nearness
Rational Based on logic
Reaffirmation Re- verifying
Reallocate Distribute
Resilience Ability to return back to normal
Sanctity Sadness or ultimate importance
Sate Feed and satisfy appetite
Scope The size of the activity that's involved
Subordinate Person with a lesser rank
Subtleties Fine details or nuances
Turbulence Violent movement
Vermin Annoying creatures
Wizened Shrunken and wrinkled
Created by: Kenzie594
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