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EHR system

Which form is used to gather data about the patient? Patient Information
What is a pre selected value or setting that will be used unless the provider switches it? Default
Which statement is used for daily transactions? Daysheet
an MRI of the brain is what type of decision? A Plan
Which is true for referrals of the SCMO? They are generated from the form repository tab
Patient comes in complaining of dizziness which has lasted on and off throughout the day; what time or pattern is this considered to be? Chronological
What skills are used for the EHR system? Knowledge of medical terminology
In the SCMO once the encounter is created the next clinical record you land on is.... The allergies section
Which of the following Offical Orginization is made up of Health Information Professionals? AHIMA
Which templet from the list of letters is used to tell a patient about an upcoming educational opportunity? Blank Letter
If a patient has not been seen by a provider in the last 3 to 4 years that patients record would be considered..... Inactive
A genetic disease risk would be covered under which history...... Family History
Documentation provides...... Patient safety, Patient records
With the implementation of the EHR system is helpful if.... Employees are cross trained
A non profit industry that maintains the data base is known as the...... MIB (Medical Information Bureau
If a patient believes his or her rights have been violated they can file a complaint with.... OCR (Office Civil Rights)
Which of the following is not a guideline for e-vists Not established for new patients
A allergy to latex is known as Environmental reaction
Meaningful use incentive program can help incidents of swine flu by..... Public Health Reporting
Congestive heart failure and asthma are considered.... Chronic Illness
What is the process/how to enter a new patient in the SCHMO Patient Demographics
A device that encodes documents is.... Fax
A consumer reporting agency is also known as... Fair Credit
When a patient is no longer coming back the provider their file is...... closed
What term best describes the amount of time files can be kept Retention Period
A patient that smokes would be filed under... Social History
A system that keeps data secure by converting it to a code... Encription Technology
The office manager reviews this every 6 months.... Audit Trail
Weight and Height are considered.... Anthropocentric Measurements
Medical offices submitting claims electronically are called....... Covered Entities
To link a phone message to a patients record first you must...... Do a patient search
A patients comes in complaining of frequent urination is an example of..... Chief Complaint
Proper ways to use the internet is.... Finding links for community resources
Implementation of passwords,user names and screen savers are examples of.... Safe Guards
Which is not a covered entity..... Workers Compensation Program
What starts the clinical documentation of a patient in the SCMO... Encounter
An outcome based payment model... P4P
The privacy rule states that patients have the right to know who has accessed their records and the logs in those records are recorded as..... How those disclosures were made
Purging is... The practice of removing inactive records from active records
Which of the following would be documented using the CPOE..... E-prescribing
What is the term that medical care must be reasonable.. Medical Necessity
Patient records are classified in all of the following groups except..... Insurance Type
What allows providers to taylor to an individual patients by adhering to guidelines..... CDS
Security guards are examples of..... Physical safe guards
The process of assigning standard numeric characters for reimbursement are called..... Coding
The privacy rule requires providers to do all of the following except.... Post a notice on the wall of the reception area
A patients comes in complaining of a UTI for the last five days this is an example of....... Duration
Once the retention period is over what happens to the patients chart? The chart is purged
What is the uniform language to identify procedures CPT codes
Where are charges, payments and adjustments recorded? Ledger
A comprehensive electronic record controlled by the patient is.... PHR( Personal Health Record)
In the SCMO in order to release patient information for participation .... Disclosure
Another name for coding variance is..... Mistake
When it is certain that a patient will no longer be returning that patients record is..... Closed
Which of the following is not a common duty of the front office assistant? Assisting patients to the exam room
Documenting in the patients own words is.... Subjective information
A diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes is known as an..... Assesment
Which of the following is a Disadvantage of the EHR system Investment
The privacy rule prohibits the discussion in the all of the following except...... Phone
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