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Medical Terminology


The singular form the means a wall dividing two cavities is? Septum
The plural of the word diagnosis is... Diagnoses
My/o is an example of..... The combination of a root and combining vowel
Which suffix refers to a doctor with a specialty practice? -ist
Which of the following terms means a part of the trunk between the thorax and pelvis? abdomen
The word for a crescent-shaped cartilaginous structure in the knee is________, and its plural form is_______. Meniscus, Menisci
The suffix in the word coronal is: -al
Superficial means: Situated near the surface
Why is the skin called the "Integumentary" System? The root inetgument means skin; covering of the body
Transdermal medications are administered through: The skin
Which of the following is the correct plural for one of the bones in the spinal column? Vertebrae
What is the prefix in the term periosteum, and what does the term mean? The prefix is peri- , and the term means the membrane covering bone
What determines the classification of bones? Shape
How do muscles contribute to maintaining body temperature? They contract and produce the heat needed to maintain body temperature
Which is the correct statement about atrophy? Wasting away or diminished volume of muscle tissue
What is the difference between a muscle strain and a muscle sprain? A sprain is a stretch or tear of the ligament and a strain is a stretch in the muscle or tendon
Which of the following words, meaning a lower chamber of the heart, is spelled correctly? Ventricle
Which of the following words mean an increase in diameter of a blood vessel? Vasodilation
The word apex means: Tip or end
The word for a wall dividing two cavities is_______ , and its plural is_______ Septum; septa
Which of the following is NOT a function of blood? Producing albumin
The large, white blood cells that removes bacteria,foreign particles,and dead cells are known as a(n): Macrophage
Which of the following is NOT true of the red blood cells? It produces antibodies
The suffix in the word respiration means: Process
What is the plural form of the term bronchus? Bronchi
What does the suffix mean in the tern bronchogenic? Creation
Gastroenterology is the study of: The digestive system
Which of the following words means pertaining to the liver? Hepatic
Four parts of the alimentary canal, in order, starting from the mouth, are the: Stomach,Esophagus,Pharynx, and Small Intestines
A physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system is known as a(n): Gastroenterologist
The word element that means process is: ation
The word element that means the study of is: ology
The word element that means kidney is: ren
The word element that means one who studies logist
Which of the following procedures records electrical impulses of the brain to measure brain activity? Electroencephalography
A neurologist is a physician who: Specializes in disorders of the brain/nervous system
The word element that means nerve is: Neuro
Identify the term with an element meaning suffering: Parasympathetic
Endocrine glands that occur in pairs, rather than single are: Adrenals and gonads
Which of the following is a master gland that works together with the hypothalamus, often influencing the production of hormones in the other endocrine glands Pituitary gland
The word endocrine refers to a gland that: Produces an internal secretion
The depression that occurs at the same time every year, often in winter, is abbreviated as: SAD
Which of the following words refer to urination at night? Nocturia
The term ductus deferens refers to a(n): Tube in the male reproductive system
Which of the following is the male sex hormone? Testosterone
Which of the following terms means the process by which testicular germ cells differentiate into sperm? Spermatogenesis
When an egg is released from the ovary, how long does it take to reach the uterus? 72 Hours
For an egg to be fertilized, it must join with the sperm within how many hours? 12 to 24 hours
Where must fertilization occur in the fallopian tube? Immediately as the egg enters the fallopian tubes
When an egg is fertilized, it becomes a(n): Zygote
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