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Code Set Under HIPAA, terms that provide for uniformity and simplification of health care billing and record keeping.
Covered Entity Health care providers and clearinghouses that transmit HIPAA transactions electronically, and must comply with HIPAA standards and rules.
Covered Transactions Electronic exchanges of information between two covered-entity business partners using HIPAA-mandated transaction standards.
De-identify To remove all information that identifies patients from health care transactions.
Designated Record Set Records maintained by or for a HIPAA-covered entity.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) The use of uniform electronic protocols to transfer business information between organizations via computer networks.
Electronic Transmission The sending of information from one network-connected computer to another.
Encryption The scrambling or encoding of information before sending it electronically.
Firewall Hardware, software, or both designed to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing electronic information.
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
Limited Data Set Protected health information from which certain specified, direct identifiers of individuals have been removed.
Minimum Necessary Term referring to the limited amount of patient information that may be disclosed, depending on circumstances.
Notice of Privacy Practices A written document detailing a health care provider's privacy practices.
Permissions Reasons under HIPAA for disclosing patient information.
Privacy Freedom from unauthorized intrusion.
Protected Health Information (PHI) Information that contains one or more patient identifiers.
Rule A document that includes the HIPAA standards or requirements.
Security The use of policies and procedures to protect electronic information from unauthorized access.
Standard A general requirement under HIPAA.
State Preemption If a state's privacy laws are stricter than HIPAA privacy standards, state laws take precedence.
Transmission Sending information electronically.
TPO Treatment, Payment, and Healthcare Operations
Verification The requirement under HIPAA that a patient's identity be verified before protected health information is released.
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