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Module B Terms Pt 1

Technical Escort - Confined Space Operations

Knot definition An intertwining of rope or webbing
Bend definition Used to join ropes or webbing together
Hitch definition Ropes or webbing tied around an object in such a way that, if the object is removed, the hitch will fall apart
Name a knot component Bight
Name a knot component Loop
Name a knot component Round Turn
Name a knot component Standing End
Name a knot component Working End
Bight definition Curved section or slack part of rope between the standing end and working end, "U" shaped
Loop definition Full circle formed by passing the working end of a rope over itself, "O" shaped
Round Turn definition Complete circle around another rope or anchor point
Standing End definition Is the part not active in knot tying
Working End definition Is the part active in knot tying
Name an important procedure when tying a knot Dress the Knot
Name an important procedure when tying a knot Load the Knot
Name an important procedure when tying a knot Safety the Knot
Dress the Knot definition Every effort should be made to keep the ropes within a knot free of twists with the legs running side by side. This not only makes the knot more readily identifiable but prevents inefficiency form extremely acute bends that occurs when twisted tightly
Load the Knot definition Once, tied the knot should be pulled tight to avoid any accidental movement when a person is loaded on the line.
Safety the Knot definition The term "safety" refers to the backup securement of any loose ends. If a knot has a loose end (tail) after it is finished, it should be secured using another knot. No tail means no safety is necessary.
Created by: JeromeTalley