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HGAP Chapter 3

A permanent move to a new location is.... Migration
A country has net in-migration if emigration _________ immigration. is less than
Refugees migrate primarily because of which type of push factor? All of the above
Willbur Zelinsky's model of migration predicted migration characteristics vary with the demographic transition
Several million Irish migrated in the 1840s primarily because disastrous economic & environmental conditions pushed them out the country
Which three groups represent the largest number of international refugees? Syrian, Afghan, Venezuelan
The most important pull factor for migrants to North America today is economic
A physical feature, such as a body of water, which hinders migration is an example of an intervening obstacle
Throughout its history, the most popular destination for voluntary migrants from Great Britan has been North America
Most migrants to the United States during the peak of the 1840s and 1850s came from which part of Europe? Ireland and Germany
The greatest total number of foreign born residents can be found in USA
Most migrants to the United States during the peak of the late nineteenth century (late 1800s) came from which part of Europe? north and west
Most migrants to the United States during the early twentieth century (early 1900s) came from which part of Europe? south and east
Europeans migrated to the United States primarily because of decreased economic opportunities; as European countries experienced rapid population growth
Which statement most accurately describes the motivations of the historic European and current Latin American immigrants to the United States? Both were and are motivated primarily by economic factors
Migration to the United States declined during the 1920's primarily because of imposition of quota laws
U.S. quota laws from the 1920s until the 1960s had the effect of ensuring the majority of migrants continued to be from Europe
Brain drain is the large-scale emigration by talented people.
Guest workers in Europe and the Middle East are low-status foreigners
Based on the information presented in your textbook, Ellis island... was the subject of a territorial dispute between New York and New Jersey.
Recent immigrants to the United States are concentrated according to economic prospects and migrant's country of origin
The largest number of legal immigrants to the United States come from what country? Mexico
The largest number of undocumented immigrants to the United States come from what country? Mexico
The largest level of interregional migration in the United States was caused by opening up of the western territories.
The U.S. center of population has moved steadily to the... (pick the "best" answer" South-West
Which is a current intraregional migration trend in the United States? urban to suburban
One way the Brazilian government encouraged intrregional migration by moving the capital to Brasilia
The most prominent type of intraregional migration in the world is rural to urban
Suburbanization of more developed countries is due to desire to change life style
Counter-urbanization is migration to rural areas and small towns
In the United States, which is likely to cause virtually all population growth in the next few decades? net in-migration net in-migration
Countries with slow population growth but strong economies commonly experience out-migration False
The major reason for illegal immigration to the United States is to escape political persecution. False
In recent years, the immigration quota has been sufficient to accommodate all people who wish to migrate to the United States. False
Most migration occurs because of a combination of push and pull factors. True
The most important type of internal migration within the United States is from urban to suburban. True
The three major push factors are cultural, economic, and environmental. True
What is the example of a pull factor? Opening a new factory
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