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chapter 11 senses


List the five special senses. 2. hearing 3. equilibrium 4. taste 5. smell
list five general senses. 1.pressure 2.temperature 3.pain 4.touch 5.postion
What is the thin membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelids and covers the visible portion of the white of the eye? Conjunctiva
where are tears produced? lacrimal glands
what is the function of the nasolacrimal duct? allow tears into the nose causing a runny nose.
what is the middle, pigmented tunic of the eyeball? Choroid
which tunic contains the photoreceptors? Retina
define refraction bending of light rays as they pass from one substance to another substance of a different density
what is the transparent portion of hte sclera? cornea
list the four parts of the eye that participates in refration 1.cornea 2.aqueous humor 3.lens 4.vitreous body
define aqueous humor watery fluid that fills anteriorly to the lens
define vitreous body soft jelly like substance that fills posteriorly to the lens
what are the two receptor cells of the eye? 1.rods 2.cones
what kind of light do rods function in? Dark
what is the fovea centralis? tiny depressed area near the optic nerve
color blindness results from lack of what? retinal cones
what is the rod pigment? rhodopsin or visual purple
night blindness results from a deficency of what vitamin? A
visual impulses travel through the optic nerve to which part of the brain? occipital cortex
what is the funciton of hte iris? regulates the amount of light entering the eye
is the iris extrensic or intrensic? intrensic
define presbyopia defficulty focusing on close objects. means old eye literaly
list and give the functions of the two sensory nerves that supply the eye. 1.optic-carries visual impulses from rods and cones to the brain2.ophthalmic branch of trigeminal nerve- pain touch and temperature to the brain
define optic disk blind spot
what nerve supplies almost all extrinsic eye muscles? trochlear nerve
define hyperopia and astigmatism. 1.hyperopia- farsightedness2.astigmatism- curvature of cornea or lens causing light rays to bend causing blurry vision.
what is the scientific term for pinkeye? conjunctivitis
what is opacity of the lens called? cataract
what is glaucoma? excessive pressure of aqueous humor
what is the visible external portion of the ear? pinna
where is wax produced? ceruminous glands in the external auditory canal
what is the common name for the tympanic membrane? eardrum
what two parts of hte ear does the tymapnic membrane separate? external auditory canal and middle ear cavity
what isthe name for the three small bones of the middle ear? ossicles
which of hte ossicles comes in contact with the tympanic membrane? malleus
what does the eustachian tube connect> middle ear cavity with the throat
what kind of receptors does the vestibule contain? equilibrium
what is hte coiled division of hte inner ear that contains the receptors for hearing? cochlea
what is the organ of hearing? organ of corti
which of the ossicles is in contact with th oval window of the inner ear? stapes
list the steps in hearing 1.sound enters external canal2.eardurum vibrates3.ossicles transmit across middle ear4.stapes sends to inner ear5.corti cilia move6.movement of membrane makes nerve impluses7.brain through the 8craninal nerve8.temproal lobe cortex interprets
what form of equlibrium do maculae function in? static equilibrium
waht are cristae? receptors located at base of semi circular canals
waht kind of movement do the semicircular canals detect? different
define otitis media infection and inflammation of hte middle ear cavity
what is the common name for otits externa? swimmers ear
difine otosclerosis bone disorder that prevents the normal vibraion of the stapes
on which part of hte tongue are sweet tastes most acytekt experienced? tip
the interpretation of smell is closely related to what other sense taste
waht are the receptors for pain? skin muscles and joints
what are analgesics meds for pain
what are endorphins? released naturally by the brain associated with pain control
define sensory adaptation receptors adjusting themselves so that a sensation becomes less acute
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