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MedTermII Ch 7

Endocrine Terms

adren/o adrenal gland
aden/o gland
gonad/o sex organs
hypophysy/o pituitary gland
endocrine secretes in
exocrine secretes out
thyroid/o thyroid gland
crin/o to secrete
gluc/o glucose
epinephrine adrenaline
ketogenic creation of ketones
-tropin stimulating hormone
adenalgia gland pain
adrenarche beginning of adrenal secretions
gynecomastia female breasts on a male
hypergonadism increased sex hormones
polydipsia excessive thirst
polyphagia excessive hunger
polyuria excessive urination
pancreatalgia pancreas pain
acromegaly abnormally large extremeties
exopthalmus bulging eyes
thyromegaly enlarged thyroid
euglycemia normal blood glucose
hypoglycemia low blood glucose
hypercalcemia high calcium in the blood
calciuria calcium in the urine
adenopathy disease of a gland
thymoma tumor of the thymus
dysmetabolic syndrome bad metabolism
IDDM insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
hypophysitis inflammation of the pituitary gland
TSH thyrotropin
T4 thyroxin
GTT glucose tolerance test
HgA1C test to determine long term blood glucose levels
TFT Thyroid function test
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