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Unit 6

Vocabulary Activity

civic duty a belief that one has an obligation to participate in civic and political affairs
Civic Responsibility a sense of duty or obligation to society that some people believe comes along with citizenship.
Pledge of Allegiance A promise citizens of the United States make to be true to their flag and all that it stands for
political party a group that seeks to elect candidates to public office
electorate All of the people entitled to vote in a given election
third party a party that challenges the two major parties
Democratic Party One of the two major U.S political party;founded in 1828 by Andrew Jackson to support a decentralized government and state's rights
Republican Party Political party that believed in the non-expansion of slavery & consisted of Whigs, N. Democrats, & Free-Soilers in defiance to the Slave Powers
open primary Primary election in which any voter, regardless of party, may vote.
closed primary a primary election in which voting is limited to already registered party members
Caucus a private meeting of party leaders to choose candidates for office
Plurality the number of votes cast for a candidate who receives more than any other but does not receive an absolute majority.
hard money campaign contributions donated directly to candidates
soft money Campaign contributions unregulated by federal or state law, usually given to parties and party committees to help fund general party activities.
Political Action Committee (PAC) an interest group that raises funds and donates to election campaigns
Super PACs political organizations that use contributions from individuals, corporations, and labor unions to spend unlimited sums independent from the campaigns, yet influencing the outcomes of elections
527s Organizations that are independent of any party or candidate, and thus are not regulated by the FEC, as they advocate publicly for or against specific candidates, parties, or policies
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission A 2010 landmark Supreme Court case that ruled that individuals, corporations, and unions could donate unlimited amounts of money to groups that make independent political expenditures.
public opinion how people think or feel about particular things
public opinion polls interviews or surveys with samples of citizens that are used to estimate the feelings and beliefs of the entire population
Buckely v. Valeo (1976) Struck down the portion of the Federal Campaign Act limiting the amount of money individuals can contribute to their own campaign; Ruled that spending money on one's own campaign is a form of constitutionally protected free speech
Propaganda Ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause.
revenue income
Initiative A procedure by which voters can propose a law or a constitutional amendment.
Referendum a legislative act is referred for final approval to a popular vote by the electorate
Recall procedure whereby voters can remove an elected official from office
General Assembly A governing body that makes state laws
governor The elected leader of a state's government
Lieutenant Governor the executive officer of a state who is next in rank to a governor and who takes the governor's place in case of disability or death.
Strong Mayor Council a city govt set up with a mayor and council where the mayor has opportunity to vote and appoint heads of dept's, most common in GA
Weak-Mayor System a type of government under which the mayor has limited executive powers
Council-Manager System •form of city government •city council hires a city manager to run the city
Created by: dedra.burdette
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