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Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment for the Foodservice Industry

Employees weigh, inspect, and check delivered items on this Receiving table
Employees weigh items using this item Scale
These items are used to carry food cases to storage areas and are made of heavy steel Utility cart
These come in various sizes, measured in ounces, so they can be used to portion out liquids Ladles
Used to measure varying quantities of both dry goods and liquids. Measuring cup
Used to measure small quantities of spices or liquids Measuring spoons
Short-handled measuring utensil used to portion out soft foods such as ice cream, butter, and sour cream. Scoops
A flexible piece of rubber or plastic used to cut and separate dough, and scrape extra dough and flour from wooden work tables. Bench scraper
A cone-shaped strainer used to strain soups, stocks, and other liquids to remove all solid ingredients China cap
Used to drain liquid from cooked pasta and vegetables. Colander
Used to test the doneness of braised meats and vegetables, for lifing items to the plate, and for steadying an item being cut Cooks fork
A machine that comes with several detachable parts used to puree foods to different consistencies. Food mill
Used to grate hard cheeses, vegetables, potatoes, and other foods Grater
Used to turn foods on a griddle or broiler. This has a wide, chisel-edged blade and a short handle Offset spatula
Also called a melon baller, this is used to cut ball shapes out of soft fruits and vegetables Parissienne
Made of canvas, plastic, or nylon used to pipe out frostings, creams, and pureed foods. This can be used with different tips to create a variety of decorations Pastry bag
Used to brush egg wash, melted butter, glazes, and other liquids on baked items. Pastry brush
A specially shaped spatula made for lifting out and serving pieces of pie. Pie server
Used to cut pizza and rolled-out dough Pizza cutter
Often called a scraper, this is used to fold ingredients together and scrape the sides of bowls Rubber spatula
A short, stubby spatula used to spread sandwich fillings and condiments. Sandwich spreader
A mesh screen and is used to sift flour and other dry baked ingredients and remove any large impurities Sieve
This has a larger round, flat head with holes to remove foam from stock or soup, and to remove solid ingredients from liquids Skimmer
A flexible, round-tipped tool used for icing cakes, spreading fillings and glazes, leveling dry ingredients when measuring, and even turning pancakes and other foods. Straight spatula
This can be made of mesh-like material or metal with holes in it. They come in different sizes, and often come in the shape of a bowl.These are used to strain pasta, vegetables, and other larger foods cooked in liquid Strainer
Scissor-like utensil used to pick up and handle all kids of solid food. Tongs
These are made of different sizes and heaviness and are used to mix, beat, and stir foods Wire whip
This shreds small pieces of the outer peel of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes Zester
A shallow rectangular pan used to bake all types of food Bake pan
A high-sided, flat-bottomed cooking pan Braising pan
A heavy, thick pan. This is used for pan-frying foods like meat and vegetables Cast iron skillet
A pot that has an upper pot and a lower pot. The lower pot holds boiling or simmering water that gently cooks the food in teh upper pot. Double boiler
These pans are used for baking,roasting, or poaching meats and vegetables. They can also be used to hold foods for serving. Hotel pan
A shallow, rectangular pan with medium-high sides used to roast and bake foods, such as meat and poultry Roasting pan
These are used to prepare sauces, soups, andother liquids. These are more shallow than stock pots, with straight sides and two loop handles for lifting Sauce pot
A pan with flat or slightly flared sides and a single long handle. It is used for general cooking on ranges Saucepan
This pan can be either slope-sided or straight-sided. It is used to saute and pan-fry vegetables, meats, fish, and eggs Saute pan
This very shallow pan, about 1 inch deep, is used primarily to bake cookies, rolls, and cakes. Sheet pan
A large pot used for prepareing stocks. Some with spigots allow the liquid to be poured out easily without losing any of the solid ingredients Stock pot
This machine chopes vegetables,meats,andother foods using a rotating blade and bowl Food chopper
These are used to mix an dprocess large amounts of food with any number of specialized attachments. Mixer
This mixer attachment is used to mix, mash, and cream soft foods Flat beater
This mixer attachment is used to beat and add air to light foods, such as egg whites and cake frosting Wire whip
This mixer attachment is a heavier version of hte wire whip used to whip, cream, and mash heavier foods Wing whip
This mixer attachment is used to mix shortening into doughs Pastry knife
This mixer attachment is used to mix heavy, thick doughs Dough arm
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