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MOT 120

Ch 6 & 7 Review (Medical Manager)

In the book we learned, it can be different in other books, but the most basic unit of appointment time is______? 15 minutes
A ______ is a sum of all posting proceeded in a group. batch
What is the report that lists the daily activities? Daily activity report
When doing appointments, reason codes 1 is? General Check-Up
When doing appointments, reason codes 4 is? Pre-Natal exam
When doing appointments, reason codes 2 is? Post-Surgical check-up
When doing appointments, reason codes 3 is? New Patient Visit
When doing appointments, reason codes 5 is? Re-Check
When doing appointments, reason codes 6 is? Personal Consult
When doing appointments, reason codes 7 is? X-Rays
When doing appointments, reason codes 8 is? Emergency Treatment
When doing appointments, reason codes 9 is? Walk-In Patients
When doing appointments, reason codes 10 is? Annual Checkup
What is the report that provides an insite into the practice of accounts receivable? Financial summary
To indicate patient responsibility, there is a letter that is used which indicates never bill to insurance what is that status code? P (patient)
The patient statement includes what information? Practice information name, address, phone. Patient information – name, address, detailed account listing of transactions and costs, insurance pedning information, total due, what has been paid, what has not been paid
What does an account aging report do? It shows how long an account has been unpaid (balance over due)
Voiding an item can only be performed in what screen? Void procedure screen
Where are the reason codes for appointments located? In the Reason column
A claim with no obvious errors that is sent in to the insurance company is called? Clean claim
Daily list of appointments, what does it display? Patient name, appointment times, doctor to be seen
T/F - Keying /APT will directly chain you into an appointment. True
What does a jump do? Allows you to move through the scheduling calendar. Moves by weeks
Adjustments made as a charge will increase or decrease the amount of the charge. Decrease
Appointments recall menu is menu? 12 (where you land)
Scheduling two appointments is called? Double booking
The process in which Medicare automatically bills a secondary medical insurance is called a? Cross-Over
Pending insurance billing status code is a (initials)? IU
What are the credentials listed for doctor number 4 in the practice (is he and MD, DO, NP)? MD
If we are billing an insurance company what form do we use? CMS 1500
Appointment tool bar contains shortcuts you can use to do what? To schedule appointments
Printing a billing insurance worksheet allows the medical biller to do what? Correct mistakes before it is billed
Created by: kbcanarr