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Chapter 20 anatomy

Lymphatic System

What are the main structures of the lymphatic system? lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes
What are the main components of the immune system? lymphocytes, lymphoid tissue, and lymphoid organs
What makes up the fluid component of lymph? 1. Blood Capillary = Plasma 2. Tissue Space = Interstitial Fluid 3. Lymph Capillary = Lymph
Lymph flows only toward the heart; one-way system
Lymphatic System lymphatic capillaries collect fluid from loose connective tissue TO lymph travels in lymphatic vessels TO vessels with lymph go through LYMPH NODES TO lymph is delivered to great veins in neck
Lymphatic Vessels Hierarchy? Lymphatic Capillaries TO lymphatic vessels (Lymph Nodes) TO lymph trunks to Lymph ducts
What is fatty lymph called? chyle
What is Edema? swelling of the tissues due to an excess tissue fluid
What are lymph Nodes? bean shaped organs made of lymphoid tissue located along lymphatic vessels
What is the function of the lymph nodes? To Filter the Lymph and activate and produce lymphocytes
What brings lymph to the lymph node? afferent lymphatic vessels
What carries lymph away from the lymph node? efferent lymphatic vessels
What is the function of the immune system? recognize specific foreign molecules and destroy pathogens effectively
What do B lymphocytes turn into during immune system response? become plasma cells and secrete antibodies
What do killer T cells do during immune system response? destroy antigen-bearing cells
Where do T lymphocytes come from? the thymus
Where do B lymphocytes come from? bone marrow
What are short lived, attack immediately lymphocytes called? Effector lymphocytes
What are lymphocytes that remain in circulation for years called? memory lymphocytes
What are specialized type of connective tissue, containing vast amount of lymphocytes called? lymphoid tissue
Where can Lymphoid tissue be located? 1. Mucous membrane of digestive, urinary, respiratory and reproductive tracts 2. lymphoid organs (spleen, thymus, lymph nodes)
What are Lymph nodes made up of? Lymphoid tissue
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