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S.A.T Words

SAT Words of Day

asccetic to practice self discipline especially for religious reasons
bode to indicate by signs such as a future event
conspire make secret plans to commit an unlawful or harmful act
coup a sudden take over of leadership or power
denounce publicly declare to be wrong or evil
dilettante a person who cultivates an area of interest such as that of the arts, without real knowledge
edict a formal command or order issued by an authority
egocentric thinking only of oneself without regard for feelings of others
abate to become less active, less intense or less in amount
abstract existing purely in the mind, not representing actual reality
abysmal extremely bad
acquisition act of gaining a skill or possession of something
ambiguous having powerful desire for success or achievement
ambivalence state of being uncertain or stuck between two or more points
analogous similar but not identical
annihilate to destroy or cause devastation or destruction
benevolent generous, kind
candid being very direct or blunt in how you say things
clout special advantage or power
coincide to happen at the same time
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