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Reproductive Notes

Reproductive Day 1/2/3

What are some benefits of breastfeeding for the baby. More nutrients, immune system and prevent sickness
How many babies are born. 130 million
What happens in the ovaries? Eggs produced through cell division
How many human body cells are there 46
What is meiosis result in half number of chromosomes
How are twins made When a single zygote splits and are genetically the same
What are fraternal twins From two eggs and two sperms
What do partners get when they can't get pregnant they get a vitro fertilization
What hormones do ovaries secrete secrete estrogen
What does progesterone do regulates menstruation
What do the testies do to make sperm they make sperm through meiosis
What is the epididymus? Collects sperm to make them mature
What is a circumcision when they foreskin is removed
What do doctors do to check for prostate cancer they do a procedure called a DRE
What is the 2nd most common cancer in men Prostate cancer
What is vasagel A gel that is injected in the vas deferens to stop fertilization/
What can vasagel do that a vasectomy can't The gel can be removed to restore fertility.
What does sperm do to fertilize an egg It has to penetrate the egg
What is the embryo called at the 8th week It is called a fetus
What does an ultra sound do It uses sound waves to make an image of the baby.
What does an epidural do It is injected to the spine are numbs to the waist down
What is a Caeserean Section The stomach is cut to get the baby put due to complication in the mom or baby
What is placenta Previa The placenta is attached to the bottom of the uterus causing excessive bleeding.
What is Breech Birth The baby is legs first and must attempt to turn it head first.
what is Gestational Diabetes hormones block insulin resulting in increase glucose levels in the blood
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