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Exam 3/Chapters 10 and 11

Which list of organs contains smooth muscle tissue? both blood vessels, stomach, esophagus and bladder, uterus, small intestine
Which type of muscle tissue is involuntary (can't be consciously controlled)? smooth muscle and cardiac muscle
Which of the following is not a function of skeletal muscle tissue? moving food through the small intestine
Skeletal muscle is covered, surrounded and protected by various layers of connective tissue. Which layer of connective tissue would surround a bundle of muscle fibers (muscle cells)? perimysium
Muscular tissue has several important properties, such as electrical excitability. Another property of muscular tissue is that it is able to stretch, and return to its original size and shape. Which property of muscular tissue is this? Elasticity
The contractile organelle of skeletal muscle fibers is the myofibril
The site where a somatic motor neuron releases acetylcholine to stimulate a skeletal muscle fiber is called the neuromuscular junction
Which of the following molecules found in skeletal muscle cells binds oxygen that can later be used during aerobic metabolism to help generate ATP? myoglobin
When oxygen is plentiful inside a skeletal muscle cell, what happens to the pyruvic acid that is formed during glycolysis? it diffuses into mitochondria to be broken down to generate ATP
Delay the onset of muscle fatigue, not all the motor units in a muscle will contract at the same time. Some will remain relaxed while others are contracting. If the contraction continues, + greater force is needed, more motor units will be recruited. T/F TRUE
A sm amt of muscle tension and muscle def(the appearance of muscle beneath skin) is present even in a relaxed muscle. A person who is physically fit due to reg exercise, have more characteristic of muscle tissue than someone who is not fit. muscle tone
What type of skeletal muscle fiber would an Olympic quality weight lifter specifically be developing during training, to enhance his or her weight lifting power? fast glycolytic fibers
If you are an endurance athlete, you especially rely on which type of skeletal muscle fiber to perform your sport? slow oxidative fibers
Stretching is most effective at reducing injury and promoting greater flexibility if it is done over the course of many weeks, and always when the muscle is cold (before beginning to exercise). T/F FALSE
Struct is unique to card muscle cells, + allows ind cells to firmly attached to each other (to provide mech strength during contraction), + also allow the action potential to spread rapidly the cardiac muscle tis, so contractions are smooth + coordinated. intercalated discs
Smooth muscle fibers do not have striations like skeletal and cardiac muscle cells do. This is because: smooth muscle fibers contain thin and thick filaments, as well as intermediate filaments, but none of them are arranged in sarcomeres
Nearly all muscles of the body develop from an early embryonic layer of cells called the mesoderm. T/F TRUE
Depending on how specialized a type of muscle tissue is, the muscle fibers or cells of that tissue will have varied abilities to regenerate (healing and production of new cells). What type of muscle tissue has the greatest ability to regenerate? smooth muscle cells have the greatest ability to regenerate
Autonomic motor neurons regulate: both smooth and cardiac muscle
Which ion is required for exocytosis of ACh? Ca +2
Warm up exercise before stretching or strenuous muscle activity prevents injury because tissues stretch best when gentle force is applied at elevated temperatures. T/F TRUE
As one ages, the presence of slow oxidative fibers ___. increases
A treatment for myasthenia gravis is pyridostigmine which stops ACh from being broken down. Which does pyridostigmine inhibit? AChE
Muscles act on bones to produce movement. The bones act as levers and the joints act as __________. the fulcrum
Muscle fascicles can be arranged in one of several patterns. Which of the following patterns is not an example of the arrangement of fascicles in a muscle? elliptical
A muscle that acts as a __________ stabilizes the origin of the prime mover so that the prime mover may act more efficiently. fixator
Which term best applies to a muscle that acts to move a bone away from the midline of the body? abductor
When the term rectus appears in the name of a muscle, it indicates that the muscle fascicles run parallel to the midline of the body
Which list includes muscles that are responsible for facial expressions? zygomaticus major, risorius, platysma
Which of the following is the strongest muscle of mastication? masseter
Exercise can produce a fashionable "six pack" of toned muscles. Which of the following muscles is involved in giving the appearance of this defined pack of muscles? rectus abdominis
Which of the following muscles have an insertion on the xiphoid process? 1. rectus abdominis 2. internal and external obliques 3. transversus abdominis rectus abdominis transversus abdominis
Which of the following muscles act(s) to increase the size of the thoracic cavity during inhalation? 1. diaphragm 2. external intercostals 3. internal intercostals diaphragm external intercostals
In a hiatus hernia, the stomach protrudes through which opening of the diaphragm? the esophageal hiatus
Muscles of the ____ assist in urination, defecation, erection of the penis or clitoris, and ejaculation. perineum
Which of the following muscles act to stabilize the scapula, and would also, when contracted, pull the shoulders back (like a soldier at attention)? 1. trapezius 2. levator scapulae 3. rhomboid major and minor rhomboid major and minor
Which of the following pairs of muscles are agonist-antagonists (that is, one flexes and the other extends) the forearm? biceps brachii and triceps brachii
The __________ muscle(s) is (are) the primary extensor muscle(s) of the vertebral column. erector spinae
Improper lifting of a heavy load (such as trying to lift a box of books from its position on the floor), is most likely to cause painful back spasms in which muscle(s)? erector spinae
Which of the following is not one of the quadriceps femoris group of muscles? 1. gracilis 2. sartorius 3. vastus medialis 4. vastus lateralis gracilis sartorius
Which muscles is known as the "tailor's muscle" because it helps you cross your legs so that you could sit with the heel of 1 limb resting on the knee of the other limb. sartorius
The term quadriceps refers to the shape of a muscle, and indicates this muscle is shaped approximately like a square, with four corners. T/F FALSE
The muscles of facial expression insert onto the skin, so when they contract, they move skin rather than a joint. T/F TRUE
The suprahyoid muscles are involved with swallowing (deglutition), while the infrahyoid muscles return the hyoid to its pre-swallowing position, and also act on the thyroid cartilage (Adam's apple) of the larynx in the production of speech. T/F TRUE
The mastoid process of the temporal bone is an important insertion point for muscles of the neck that move the head. T/F TRUE
The diaphragm, a muscle involved with breathing, is innervated by the phrenic nerve, a major nerve of the thoracic spinal nerves. T/F FALSE
The gluteus medius is a common site for intramuscular injections. T/F TRUE
The quadriceps femoris muscle (made up of a group of four muscles) is the largest muscle of the body. T/F TRUE
The intrinsic muscles of the foot have their origins and their insertions within the foot. T/F TRUE
Which of these muscles has a major role in opening the mouth (depressing the mandible)? digastric
The supinator muscle extends the forearm at the elbow joint. T/F FALSE
The lateral (fibular) compartment of the leg contains two muscles that plantar flex and evert the foot: the fibularis (peroneus) longus and the fibularis (peroneus) brevis. T/F TRUE
The deep anterior forearm muscles insert on the __________. phalanges
The origin of the hyoglossus muscle is the body of hyoid bone
All of the following are functions of the levator ani except moves the coccyx in female during childbirth.
This fleshy triangular muscle forms the shoulder muscle. deltoid
The middle finger is the only finger that cannot be moved laterally by palmar interossei
Which of the following homeostatic functions involve both skeletal and smooth muscle in the reproductive system? ejection of semen
Muscle paralysis would lead to ___. atrophy
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