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Exploring Gov Exam 2

1. Who is next line of succession after the vice president? f. speaker of the house.
2. State constitutions establish what 3 branches of Government? j. Executive, legislative, and judicial.
3. What department oversees U.S. relations abroad? b. state
4. What is America's central bank called? h. Federal reserve
5. What state has a unicameral legislature? i. Nebraska
6. How many times has the U.S, Congress declared war? c. five
7. What money guarantees a released suspect will not flee? a. bail
8. The number two executive officer in most states is who? g. lieutenant governor.
9. What department spends one-fourth of the federal budget ? d. Health & Human Services
10. What is the maximum number of justices on the Supreme Court? e. Nine.
11. Delegates choose nominees and a party platform at a _______. o. National party convention.
12. Executive orders allow presidents to act with out _______. r. Congress
13. To plead guilty of a lesser charge is apart of a ______. t. Plea Bargain
14. ______ means, "let the decision stand." l. Stare decisis
15. The Presidents annual message to congress is the _____. k. State of the Union
16. The power to amend the constitution rests with the ______. s. States
17. A disaster on 9/11/2001 prompted the creation of the ______. p. Homeland security dept.
18. The _____ declares the constitution to be the law of the land. n. Supremacy Clause
19. The heads of U.S. executive order departments make up the _____. m. Cabinet
20. Tourists spend an estimated 1.5 _____ in the U.S. annually. q. trillion
21. This limits the intrusiveness of the federal Government w. Bill of Rights
22. This law set the pattern for territories becoming states. u. Northwest Ordinance.
23. This case involved legal procedures for the accused x. Miranda v Arizona.
24. This limits the presidents ability to deploy troops. y. War Powers Act
25. This states that powers not specifically delegated to the federal government nor denied to the states remained with the the states or the people. v. Tenth Amendment
Created by: Gabrielle Smith