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World Culture


Polder Reclaimed land kept dry by windmills.
Glaciation The process whereby glaciers form and spread.
Fjord Long steep sided glacial valley, now filled by seawater.
Guest workers Foreigners who work on a temporary basis in another country. To help economic growth.
Greek-city-state Separate communities linked by Greek language and culture.
Industrial Revolution Replacing human labor with machines.
Balkanization Division of a region into smaller regions that are often hostile with each other.
Ethnic Cleansing Wiping out an Ethnic group (trying to) the Serb leaders tried to expel or kill their rival ethnic leaders.
Spanish Moors Muslim group that controlled Spain for over 700yrs.
Crusades Brutal religious wars.
Enlightenment A movement to value reason.
Feudalism A system in which Monarchs or lords gave land to nobles in return for loyalty.
European Union To unite Europe so that goods, services and workers can move freely among member countries.
Reformation Religious movement. Lessened Roman Catholics. Introduced Protestant.
Renaissance Period of Artistic and Intellectual achievement, 1300's.
Reparations Payments for damages.
Communism Workers controlled production.
Iberian Peninsula Spain and Portugual.
Berlin Wall Fall of the Soviet Union.
Internal Migration Moved to cities in their countries.
External Migration Moved out of their country due to famine, or poor economy.
Vatican City Smallest independent state. 1000people
Common religions Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Some Muslims, and Islam.
Slav Ethnic Group Mostly in the East( Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusians.), but were some in N, W, and S.
Cold War A power struggle between the Soviet. Controlled communists world and Non-communist world.
Ukraine The largest and most populous nation in Eastern Europe. 47.1 Million.
Aging population and Decreasing Birthrate problems? Not enough employees, no on to take care of the elderly, no one to pay taxes, not enough babies being born for like anything.
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