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Chapters 36, 37 & 38

Study Guide

What is the medical term for pregnant woman and whats is the number of live births? Parity >number of live birth Gravidity > pregnant woman
what are the signs of breast cancer? breast changes, lumps, pain, thickening, swelling, retraction, dimpling
what is an early sign of pre-eclampsia? blurred vision, headaches, edema & vomiting
will be given a group of information about a PT and must put them together as in the last paragraph on pg 936
what is a risk factor for a PT w/ HPV? risk for cervical cancer
what is the medical term for irregular bleeding other than menses? metrorrhagia
what is labor? physiologic process leading to expelling the fetus from the uterus
what is the hormone detected in urine/blood of pregnant PT? HCG
what are the first signs of syphilis? chancre or ulcerated lesion at the primary site of infection on the genitalia
what are the signs of pre-menstrual syndrome? breast tenderness- retain fluid for 7-10 days before period- mood changes
what are the symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (d/o)? symptoms are severe & affect work, social activities, & interpersonal relationships
what are the cause for PMS & PMDD?
whats is the term for the first menstruation? Menarche
know the 3 types of lochia lochia rubra, lochia serosa, lochia alba
what term describes a PT who has never been pregnant? nulligravida
what device is inserted in the vagina to support the uterus? pessary
whats procedure allows for a visual exam of vagina & cervix using a microscope? colposcopy
what is the surgical removal of the uterus? hysterectomy
know difference between cystocel & rectocele? cystocel-herniation of the urinary bladder into the vagina rectocele-herniation of rectum into vagina
What is the most common type of hyperthyroidism? Graves Disease
What endocrine disorder has hyperpigmentatation of the skin? Addison Disease
Know what the normal hemoglobin A/C is? 7% or lower
What are the symptoms of Graves disease? Increase HR, increase body temp, excessive sweating, inability to sleep, increase appetite, weight loss, excitability and nervousness
Know characteristics of endocrine glands? Dustless, secrete hormones directly into blood stream
What is the treatment for diabetes insipidus? Correction of causative factor- synthetic ADH by tablets, injections, and nasel spray
What levels does the thyroid function test for? T4, T3 & thyroid- stimulating hormone in blood
What effect results from a deficiency of ADH? Diabetes insipdus
How often should a pt with type 1 diabetes who requires insulin monitor their glucose? Frequently
What do the ovaries secrete? Estrogen
What does excessive ketone accumulating in the blood lead to (increase or decrease in the pH)? Decrease in the pH
What types of feedback occurs when the body regulates the release of hormones? Negative
Is the onset of type 2 diabetes abrupt or gradual? Gradual
What usually happens with gestational diabetes upon delivery of the baby? The condition disappears
Are the symptoms of gestational the same as type 1 type 2 diabetes? Yes
What measures hormone levels in the blood by introducing radioactive substances? Radioimmunoassay (RAI)
What are the chemical regulators of the endocrine glands? Hormones
What are fats and proteins converted to by the liver? Ketones
At what are does someone typically develop type 2 diabetes? Over the age of 40
How does diabetes affect the feet and lower legs? Neuropathy could result in ulcers or feet and legs
What are the characteristics of a well designed pediatric office? Safeness, decorated and furnished in the manner appropriate
How is inactive polio vaccine given? Im
What does autonomous mean? Independent
What about childhood obesity does the American Academy of Pediatrics say? Has become an epidemic
What is the classic sign of pyloric stenosis? Projectile vomiting
What is the most frequently obtained measure in pediatric office? Weight
What is a danger of giving oral medication to an infant? Aspiration
What is the biggest concern when designing a peds office? Safety
What injection location should be used the most for child greater than 2? Vastus Tateralis
What type of pulse should be assessed on a child greater than 2? Assessed apically
Related to blood pressure, Would you expect higher or lower values on children VS adults? Lower
Why do children have otitis media more often than adults? Relatively horizontal position of the eustation tube
Is there a difference in nervous system and metabolism of children and adults? Children have higher nervous systems and metabolism
What is the second most common cause of death for children younger than 5? Abuse
What is a specialist who care for newborns? Neonatologists
Does children's immature nervous system, fast metabolism & accelerated growth lead to more or less complications than adults? More
Should you restrain a child during exams or procedures? Yes, only to protect them from injury
What does the absence of phenglalanive hydroxylase lead to? Metal Retardation
What is the treatment for croup? Cool mist vaporizer & medication to decrease swelling
What is cystic fibrosis? An inherited disease that effects the exeocrine glands of the body, changing their secretions, making the mucus extremely thick and sticky
Created by: Jbrooks1283
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