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Stack #31163

Mod C Unit 1 Words Thompson Institute hbg

dys- difficult, bad
eu- easy, well
hypno- sleep
hypo- below
-ia condition
-iatrist one who treats
-iatry medical profession
-ic pertaining to
-lepsy seizure
-ologist one who specializes
-ology study of
-mania madness
ment/o- mind
narc/o sleep
neur/o- nerve
-osis condition
par/a- beyond, opposite
phil/o- attraction to
phobi/a- abnormal fear
phori/o- emotional state
phor/o- bearing
phren/o mind
psych/o- mind, soul
schiz/o- split
somat/o- body
-therapy treatment
dysphoria long lasting mood disorder
euphoria sense of well being
narcolepsy sudden daytime sleep
neurosis anxiety disorder related with unresolved conflict
psychiatrist a physician who specializes in mental disorders
psychiatry branch of medicine that studies with mental disorders
psychologist a person who specializes in mental processes
psychology study of behavior
psychosis mental disorder by a loss of contact with reality
psychosomatic emotional conflict through physical symptoms
schizophrenia severe thought disorder
ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
IQ intelligence quotient
OCD obsessive compulsive disorder
SAD seasonal affective disorder
anorexia nervosa an eating disorder with emotional disturbances
bipolar disorder episodes of mania & depression
bulimia nervosa uncontrollable craving for food
compulsions irrational impulses to reduce anxiety
depression extreme loss of interest
hallucination false perception
hypnosis a state of normal sleep
obsessions elaborate overly suspicious thinking
Created by: shady123