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Medical Terminology

a without or absence of; no; not; without
ab from; away from
ad to; toward
an without or absence of; no; not; without
ana up; again; backward
ante before
anti against
apo upon
bi two
bin two
brady slow
cata down
con together
contra against
de from; down from; lack of
dia thorough; complete
dis to undo; free from
dys difficult; labored; painful; abnormal
ecto outside; outer
endo within
epi on; upon; over
eso inward
eu normal; good
ex outside; outward
exo outside; outward
extra outside of; beyond
hemi half
hyper above; excessive
hypo below; incomplete; deficient
in in; into; not
infra under; below
inter between
intra within
mal bad
meso middle
meta after; beyond; change
micro small
multi many
neo new
nulli none
pan all; total
para beside; beyond; around
per through
peri surrounding (outer)
poly many; much
post after
pre before; in front of
pro before
re back
retro back; behind
semi half
sub under; below
super over; above
supra above
sym together; joined
syn together; joined
tachy fast; rapid
tetra four
trans through; across; beyond
tri three
ultra beyond; excess
uni one
ac pertaining to
al pertaining to
ar pertaining to
ary pertaining to
eal pertaining to
ial pertaining to
ic pertaining to
ous pertaining to
agra excessive pain
algia pain
apheresis removal
ase enzyme
asthenia weakness
atresia absence of a normal body opening; occlusion; closure
capnia carbon dioxide
cele hernia; protrusion
centesis surgical puncture to aspirate fluid
cidal killing
clasia break
clasis break
clast break
clysis irrigating; washing
coccus (pl. cocci) berryshaped ( a form of bacterium)
crine separate; secrete
crit to separate
cyte cell
desis surgical fixation; fusion
drome run; running
ectasis stretching out; dilatation; expansion
ectomy excision or surgical removal
ectopia displacement
emesis vomiting
emia blood condition
er one who
esis condition
iasis condition
gen substance or agent that produces or causes
genesis origin; cause
genic producing; originating; causing
gram record; x-ray film
graph instrument used to record
graphy process of recording; xray filming
ia condition of diseased or abnormal state
iatry physician; treatment
ician one who
ictal seizure; attack
ism state of
itis inflammation
lepsy seizure
lysis loosening; dissolution; separating
lytic destroy; reduce
malacia softening
mania madness; insane desire
megaly enlargement
meter instrument used to measure
metry measurement
morph form; shape
odia smell
odynia pain
oid resembling
ologist one who studies and practices (specialist)
ology study of
oma tumor; swelling
opia vision (condition)
opsy to view
oorhagia rapid flow of blood
orrhaphy suturing; repairing
orrhea flow; excessive discharge
orrhexis rupture
osis abnormal condition (means increased when used with blood cell word roots)
ostomy creation of an artificial opening
otomy cut into or incision
oxia oxygen
paresis slight paralysis
pathy disease
penia abnormal reduction in number
pepsia digestion
pexy surgical fixation; suspension
phagia eating; swallowing
philia love
phily love
phobia abnormal fear of or aversion to specific objects or things
phonia sound or voice
phoria feeling
physis growth
plasia formation; development; a growth
plasm growth; substance; formation
plasty plastic or surgical repair
plegia paralysis
pnea breathing
poiesis formation
porosis passage
prandial meal
praxia in front of; before
ptosis dropping; sagging; prolapse
ptysis spitting
salpinx fallopian tube
sarcoma malignant tumor
schisis split; fissure
sclerosis hardening
scope instrument used for visual examination
scopy visual examination
scopic visual examination
sepsis infection
sis state of
spasm sudden involuntary muscle contraction
stasis control; stop
stalsis contraction
stenosis constriction; narrowing
thorax chest
tocia birth; labor
tome instrument used to cut
tripsy surgical crushing
trophy nourishment
ule little
uria urine; urination
abdomin/o abdomen
-ac pertaining to
acanth/o spiny; thorny
acar/o mites
acetabul/o acetabulum (hip socket)
acous/o hearing
acoust/o hearing, sound
acr/o extremities; top; extreme point
acromi/o acromion (extension of shoulder bone)
actin/o light
acu/o sharp; severe; sudden
-acusis hearing
-ad toward
aden/o gland
adenoid/o adenoids
adip/o fat
adren/o adrenal gland
adrenal/o adrenal gland
aer/o air
af- toward
agglutin/o clumping; sticking together
-agogue producer, leader
-agon to assemble; gather
agora- marketplace
-agra excessive pain
-al pertaining to
alb/o white
albin/o white
albumin/o albumin (protein)
alges/o sensitivity to pain
-algesia sensitivity to pain
-algia pain
all/o other
alveol/o alveolus; air sac; small sac
ambi- around, on both sides, about
ambly/o dim; dull
amphi- around, on both sides
-amine nitrogen compound
ammon/o ammonium
amni/o amnion (sac surrounding the embryo)
amyl/o starch
an/o anus
-an pertaining to
ana- up; apart; backward; again; anew
andr/o male
aneurysm/o aneurysm (widening of blood vessel)
angi/o vessel (blood)
anis/o unequal
ankyl/o stiff
ante- before; forward
anter/o front
anthrac/o coal
anthr/o antrum of the stomach
anti- against
anxi/o uneasy; anxious
aort/o aorta (largest artery)
-apheresis removal
aphth/o ulcer
apo- off; away
aponeur/o aponeurosis (type of tendon)
append/o appendix
appendic/o appendix
aque/o water
-ar pertaining to
arachn/o spider
-arche beginning
arsenic/o arsenic
arter/o artery
arteri/o artery
arteriol/o arteriole (small artery)
arthr/o joint
-arthria articulate (speak distinctly)
articul/o joint
-artresia closure, occlusion
atreto- closed, lacking an opening
-ary pertaining to
asbest/o asbestos
-ase enzyme
aspir/o removal
-assay to examine, analyze
-asthenia lack of strength
astr/o star, star-shaped
aque/o water
atel/o incomplete
ather/o plaque (fatty substance)
-ation process; condition
atri/o atrium (upper heart chamber)
atmo- steam, vapor
audi/o hearing
audit/o hearing
aur/o ear
auricul/o ear
auscult/o to listen
aut/o self; own
aut- self; own
auto- self; own
aux/o growth, acceleration
axill/o armpit
axi/o axis
azot/o urea; nitrogen
abdomin abdomen
acanth thorny, spiny
acetabul acetabulum (hip socket)
acou hearing
acr extremities; height
actin ray; radius
adenoid adenoids
aden gland
adrenal adrenal gland
adren adrenal gland
aer air; gas
albumin albumin
algesi pain
alveol alveolus
ambly dull; dim
amni amnion
amnion amnion
amyl starch
andr male
angi vessel
anis unequal; dissimilar
ankyl crooked; stiff; bent
antr antrum
an anus
aort aorta
aponeur aponeurosis
appendic appendix
arche first; beginning
arteri artery
arteriol arteriole (small artery)
arthr joint
articul joint
atel imperfect; incomplete
ather yellowish; fatty plaque
atri atrium
aur ear
aut self
axill armpit
azot urea; nitrogen
bacteri bacteria
balan glans penis
bi life
bil bile
blast developing cell
blephar eyelid
brachi arm
bronch bronchus
bronchiol bronchiole
bucc cheek
burs bursa (cavity)
calc calcium
cancer cancer
carcin cancer
card heart
carp carpals (wrist bones)
caud tail; toward the lower part of the body
cec cecum
celi abdomen (abdominal cavity)
cephal head
cerebell cerebellum
cerebr cerebrum, brain
cerumin cerumen (earwax)
cervic cervix
cheil lip
chir hand
cholangi bile duct
chol gall; bile
choledoch common bile duct
chondr cartilage
chori chorion
chrom color
clavic clavicle (collarbone)
cleid(o) clavicle (collarbone)
col colon
colp vagina
coni dust
conjunctiv conjunctiva
core pupil
corne cornea
coron heart
cortic cortex (outer layer of body organ)
cor pupil
cost rib
crani cranium (skull)
cry cold
crypt hidden
culd culdesac
cutane skin
cyan blue
cyes pregnancy
cyst bladder; sac
cyt cell
dacry tear, tear duct
dactyl fingers or toes
dent tooth
dermat skin
derm skin
dextr right
diaphor sweat
diaphragmat diaphragm
dipl two; double
dips thirst
disk intervertebral disk
diverticul diverticulum
dors back (of the body)
duoden duodenum
dur hard; dura mater
dynam power or strength
ech sound
ectop located away from usual place
electr electricity, electrical activity
embry embryo; to be full
emmetr a normal measues
encephal brain
endocrin endocrine
enter intestines
epididym epididymis
epiglott epiglottis
episi vulva
epitheli epithelium
erythr red
esophag esophagus
esthesi sensation, sensitivity, feeling
eti cause (of disease)
gangli ganglion
ganglion ganglion
gastr stomach
ger old age; aged
geront old age; aged
gingiv gum
glomerul glomerulus
gloss tongue
gluc sweetness; sugar
glyc sugar
glycos sugar
gnath jaw
gnos knowledge
gon seed
gravid pregnancy
gynec woman
gyn woman
hem blood
hemat blood
hepat liver
herni hernia
heter other
hidr sweat
hist tissue
hom same
home sameness; unchanging
humer humerus (upper arm bone)
hydr water
hymen hymen
hypn sleep
hyster uterus
iatr medicine; physician
ichthy fish
ile ileum
ili ilium
immun immune
irid iris
iri iris
ischi ischium
isch deficiency; blockage
is equal; same
jejun jejunum
kal potassium
kary nucleus
kerat cornea
kerat horny tissue; hard
kin movement
kinesi movement; motion
kyph hump
labi lips
labyrinth labyrinth
lacrim tear duct, tear
lact milk
lamin lamina (thin; flat plate or layer)
lapar abdomen
laryng larynx
later side
lei smooth
leuk white
lingu tongue
lip fat
lith stone; calculus
lob lobe
lord bent forward
lymph lymph
macr abnormal largeness
mamm breast
mandibul mandible (lower jawbone)
mast breast
mastoid mastoid
maxill maxilla (upper jawbone)
meat meatus (opening)
melan black
mening meninges
menisc meniscus (crescent)
men menstruation
ment mind
metr uterus
mon one
morph form; shape
muc mucus
myc fungus
myel bone marrow; spinal cord
myelon bone marrow
myos muscle
myring eardrum
my muscle
narc stupor
nas nose
nat birth
necr death (cells; body)
nephr kidney
neur nerve
noct night
nyct night
nyctal night
ocul eye
olig scanty; few
omphal umbilicu; navel
onc tumor
onych nail
oo egg; ovum
oophor ovary
ophthalm eye
opt vision
orchid testis; testicle
orchi testis; testicle
orch testis; testicle
organ organ
or mouth
orth straight
oste bone
ot ear
ov egg
ox oxygen
pachy thick
palat palate
pancreat pancreas
papill nipple
parathyroid parathyroid gland
par bear; give birth to; labor
patell patella (kneecap)
path disease
part bear; give birth to; labor
pector chest
ped child; foot
pelv pelvis; pelvic bone
perine perineum
peritone peritoneum
petr stone
phac lens of the eye
phag eat; swallow
phak lens of the eye
phalang pharynx
phas speech
phleb vein
phot light
phren mind
physi nature
plasm plasma
pleur pleura
pneumat lung; air
pneum lung; air
pneumon lung; air
pod foot
poli gray matter
poikil varied; irregular
polyp polyp; small growth
poster back (of body)
prim first
proct rectum
prostat prostate gland
pseud fake; false
psych mind
pub pubis
puerper childbirth
pulmon lung
pupill pupil
pyel renal pelvis
pylor pylorus (pyloric sphincter)
py pus
pyr fever; heat
quadr four
rachi vertebra; spinal or vertebral column
radic nerve root
radicul nerve root
radi radius (lower arm bone)
rect rectum
ren kidney
retin retina
rhabd rodshaped, striated
rhin nose
rhytid wrinkles
rhiz nerve root
salping fallopian (uterine) tube
sarc flesh; connective tissue
scapul scapula (shoulder bone)
scler sclera
scoli crooked, curved
seb sebum (oil)
sept septum
sial saliva
sigmoid sigmoid
sinus sinus
somat body
somn sleep
son sound
spermat spermatozoan; sperm
sperm spermatozoan; sperm
sphygm pulse
spir breathe; breathing
splen spleen
spondyl vertebra; spinal or vertebral column
staped stapes (middle ear bone)
staphyl grapelike clusters
stern sternum (breastbone)
steth chest
stomat mouth
strept twisted chains
synovi synovia; synovial membrane
system system
tars tarsals (ankle bones)
tars edge of eyelid; tarsal (instep of foot)
tendin tendon
tend tendon
ten tendon
test testis; testicle
therm heat
thorac thorax (chest)
thromb clot
thym thymus gland
thyroid thyroid gland
thyr thyroid gland
tibi tibia (lower leg bone)
tom cut; section
ton tension, pressure
tonsill tonsils
top place
toxic poison
trachel neck; necklike
trache trachea
trich hair
tympan eardrum; middle ear
uln ulna (lower arm bone)
ungu nail
ureter ureter
urethr urethra
urin urine; urinary tract
ur urine; urinary tract
uter uterus
uvul uvula
vagin vagina
valv valve
valvul valve
vas vessel; duct
ven vein
ventricul ventricle
vertebr vertebra; spinal or vertebral column
vesic bladder; sac
vesicul seminal vesicles
viscer internal organs
vulv vulva
xanth yellow
xer dry
fet fetus; unborn child
fibr fibrous tissue, fibers
fibul fibula (lower leg)
faci face
femor femur (upper leg bone)
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