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Chemistry Specimen

Chemistry Shecimen & Controls Wooksheet

What four things does an accurate chemical analysis depend on? Proper collection / preservation / Processing / Method of analysis (Machine)
What is the ideal time for lab measurements to be performed? 1 hr after drawing blood - contents change after that
What is the three reasons that specimens are preserved? 1. So that substance to be measured is not altered; 2. Samples should be retained long enough to repeat if necessary (Reflex) 3. Specimen collected in a timed sequence should be stored until they can be checked
What two things must you remember about controls? Verify unopened & opened Experation dates; Control results published by lot number
Where do controls come from? Large pools of serum or plasma
What sample is most often used for chemical analysis? Serum (Red, Gold, Yellow Tubes)
Define fasting No food or drink for 12 hours.
What is the difference between serum and plasma? Plasma circulating blood contains fibrinogen clotting agents / Serum liquid portion w/ fibrinogen and clotting factures removed.
Which portion of blood sits on top of the clot? Serum
Which part of the blood contains fibrinogen? Plasma
What does FPG stand for? Fasting Plasma Glucose
What is glycolysis? Blood that as set too long and used up glucose
What tests require fasting? Triglycerides (Fats), Glucose, Lipid Panel
Why is fasting beneficial? Provides metabolic baseline / Eliminates lipemia (Lipids in the blood)
What is the actual name of the silicone barrier that separates serum & plasma? Thyrotrophic gel
What does thyrotrophic gel do? Prevent shift of substances /Prevents glycolysis
What vacutainer is used to collect serum and why? Gold or red / Contains no anticoagulant
What is step one to processing a serum (Gold) tube? Invert 5 x; do not centrifuge, yet
What is step two to processing a serum (Gold)tube? Let sit no less then 30 mins - no more the 60 mins to form clot
What is step three to processing a serum (Gold)tube? Centerfuge at least 15 mins within 1 hr of drawing
What is step four to processing a serum (Gold)tube? Transfer to a labeled plastic bottle and write serum on it
What is step five to processing a serum (Gold)tube? Refrigerate or freeze
Define hemolyzed serum Is red instead of yellow
Define lipemic Serum is milking white from fat (result of drawing too soon after eating.)
Define accuracy True or actual valve (Controls check accuracy)
Define precision Repeatablity - (Ablility to get the same answer twice.)
Define normal value Average result of healthy individuals / (+/- 2 SD - standard deviation 95%)
Define Batch Specimen (samples) analyzed at the same time
Define standard (also called calibrator) Used to set machine values
Define control Man made specimens used to verify machine accurate function. Must be done before pt.
Define proficiency survey specimens sent to your lab to verify lab can get same readings
What four things does the control check for? Reagents, machine function, operator technique, environment (Temp & humidity)
Created by: spawmary