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Chapters 29 & 30

Study Guide

What is the cause of osteoarthritis? Wear & tear on weight-bearing joints
Know how to measure a pt for oxillary crutches. Height of pt
Know how to position an arm sling on a pt . Position the effected limb with the hand at a slightly less than 90 angle so that the fingers are a bit higher than the elbow
What is the term for bone tumor? Nonosslous tumors
What specialty (md) provides care for injuries or disease of bone and muscle? Orthopedists
What is the proper way to wrap a limb when applying a cast? Distal end to proximal end
What area of the body is involved with a rotator cuff? Shoulder
What circumstances/diseases may require an amputation? Embolus
What sites are common for bursitis? Between the deltiod muscle & the joint capsule
What may happen if there is improper cast application? Nerve & vascular damage, resulting in a permanent loss of function to the extremity
What is gout? A metabolic disease of the presence of uric acid
When would cold therapy NOT be used? On open wounds & in the presence of already -impaired circulation
What fracture occurs when one bone is driven into another? Impacted
Know difference in Scoliosis, kyphoisis, lordosis. S-lateral curve pf the spine, usually in the thoracic area K-abnormally deep dorsal curvature of the thoracic spine, known as humpback or hunchback L-abnormally deep ventral curve at the lumber flexure of the spine, known as swayback
What is a surgical repair of a joint? Arthroplasty
What is the procedure of realigning bone fractures into their proper position? Reduction
What in the relationship of muscles, tendons & bones? Body mobility and stability
What is the saw for plastic or fiberglass cast? Cast cutter
What is the purpose of bursae? Reduce friction between moving parts & to prevent damage
What treatment may help with osteoarthritis? Administration of anti-inflammatory medications and intra-articular corticosteriod injections to control the pain & inflammation
What specialist (MD) in treatment of disease of ears. nose and throat? Otolaryngologist
What is the unit for measuring the intensity of sound? Decibel (DB)
What can build up fluid in the middle ear cause? Otitis Media
What is the common term for epitatis? Nosebleed
What disease can impact vision? Diabetes
What abbreviation is used for otolaryngologist? ENT
What are some common ear disorders and what symptoms can they have? Meniere disease- vertigo hearing loss Otitis externa-pain on movement of any adjoining structures around the ear Otitis media- serve pain, fever Infants- fussy tug ears
What is the difference in optometrist and optician? Optometrist- trained specialist who measures errors of refraction and prescribes lenses. Optician- trained specialist who grinds lenses to fulfill corrective prescriptions
What is the strabismus with the eyes moving independently? Nonconcomitant
What disease or condition can cause a nosebleed? Epistaxis
What is the purpose of a gonioscope? To measure the angle of the anterior chamber between the iris and the cornea
What is glaucoma? Abnormal increase in the fluid in the eyes usually as a result of obstructed outflow, resting in degeneration of the intraocular components and blindness
What type of strabismus is know as "wall eyes"? Extropic
How are all refractive errors treated? Either corrective lenses or reshaping the lens with laser surgery
What is an inflammation or infection of the external ear? Otitis Externa
What is the medical term for ringing in the ear? Tinnitus
What are the three small bones in the middle ear called? Malleus, incus, stapes
What term is used for hearing loss associated with aging? Prebycusis
What is the general term for disease or disorder affecting the retina? Retinopathy
At what age are most adults experiencing lens elasticity? 40-50
Created by: Jbrooks1283
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